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Clans are the most basic social structure in Eden Calling. As currently understood, all Kindred belong to one of the thirteen acknowledged clans or a Bloodline. Members of each clan inherit a clan-specific array of abilities and weaknesses, from a propensity to excel at certain Disciplines to a weakness or weaknesses inherent to all members the lineage.

In Eden Calling the game is centered on 6 core Clans/Bloodlines in specific. The Brujah, Malkavians, Tzimisce, Caitiff, Salubri, and Gargoyles. The numbers may change as the game moves forward, but these clans have the highest population at current. They will be listed first. Other clans do have a small presence in Orlando-Tampa, but they are relatively small. At current Assamite, Ravnos and Giovanni are not playable in Eden Calling.


Clan Brujah - The New Management

Bonus Influence: +1 Street, Underworld, or Bureaucracy

In-Clan Disciplines: Potence, Presence, Celerity

Free Action

Train / Attack

Clan Advantage


Clan Flaw:

Sympathetic Rage : Brujah must choose a single thing, (a situation, type of person, event, etc) that causes them to just lose their shit. When presented with this Rage Trigger they must make a Dif 4 frenzy check or attack the subject. ( Rage triggers follow the same rules as Garou Rage triggers) When a Brujah fails a frenzy check in response to their Clan Flaw Rage Trigger all other brujah in the scene must make a dif 3 frenzy check or else they join their sibling in their rage. (This does not happen on every Frenzy only frenzies brought on via their chosen Rage trigger) The chosen trigger must be approved by staff and be something likely to occur at least once in a sixth-month period, though it can be more often common. (there is no penalty to the Brujah's Virtues.)

Clan Variations --

Malcontents, punks, rebels and revolutionaries of all stripes make up the ranks of the Brujah, a motley rabble with no unifying agenda behind their rebellious actions who back their ideals with fiery passion matched by few other vampires. Their elders are philosophers well-versed in debate and oratory and their youth are passionately idealistic.


Clan Malkavian - Prophets of the New Era

Bonus Influence: +1 Media, Health, or Bureaucracy

In-Clan Disciplines: Dementation (or Dominate) Auspex, Obfuscate

Free Action

Grow Backgrounds

Clan Advantage

Madness Rhythms

Clan Flaw: All Malkavians suffer from mental derangement. They don't get points for it. See Merits Or Broken --

Dismissed as madmen and kooks, the clan of seers is alternately derided and feared. Every last member of the Malkavian clan is twisted in some fashion, rendered incurably insane by the power of the clan's blood. For some, this madness takes the form of hideous homicidal displays or outrageous chaotic behavior; in others, a quiet, insidious bent makes its way through the vampire's thoughts.

Caitiff - Duskborn

Caitiff - Duskborn - The Masses

Bonus Influence: +1 anything

In-Clan Disciplines: 2 Chosen Disciplines + Caitiff Disciplines (3 freebies to have a rare inclan)

Free Action

Any (chosen at character creation)

Clan Advantage

Caitiff Disciplines

Clan Flaw:

Caitiff have their permanent Willpower reduced by 1


The time of thin-blood is upon us. Caitiff have no clan, no unifying factor among their embrace. They are children with blood too thin to even contain the curse of Caine. The caitiff range between Generation 14-11.

Caitiff Clan Variations


Gargoyles - The Flock

Bonus Influence: +1 Street, Industry, Construction

In-Clan Disciplines:

Sentinel: Potence, Fortitude, Flight, Visceratika

Scout: Auspex, Flight, Protean, Visceratika

Warrior: Flight, Fortitude, Protean, Visceratika

Free Action


Clan Advantage

Gargoyle Rituals

Clan Flaw:

Sentinel: Crippling Codependence: Sentinels are extremely susceptible to mind control. They are their Generation in traits down on all defensive Dominate checks. They are also people pleasers.

Warriors: Built for one Purpose: Unlike the Scouts and Sentinels who the tremere have to look at so they put some amount of pride into crafter their features, The warriors are largely kept in closets till needed. Warriors are all uniquely hideous. They use half their socials for all offensive social actions except Intimidation and when interacting with animals. When defending they still use their full socials.

Scout: Flesh to stone: Each time a scout takes a level of damage a piece of their body turns to stone. When they torpor they become petrified. They take a -1 on all physical actions for every level of damage on them. This penalty fades at a rate of one per night.

Slaves no More, The Gargoyles are a created species. They are forged from stone with wings and horns allowing them to soar through the night. They have no culture of their own, no politics, no creed. It will be up to them to make something for themselves.


Tzimisce - The Family

Bonus Influence: +1 Occult, Health, or Bureaucracy

In-Clan Disciplines:

Obertus: Koldonics, Auspex, Animalism /// Zantosa: Presence, Vicissitude, Animalism

Free Action

Obertus - Research

Zantosa - Flesh Craft

Clan Advantage

Obertus The Family and Veins of Kupala

Zantosa Flesh Crafting

Clan Flaw:

Linked to the Land: All Tzimisce takes a -5 to all actions when operating in any domain they haven't slept for at least a night. They also gain a secondary flaw based on their Bloodline

Territorial: The Obertus have inherited some of their forebears fierce hatred of uninvited guests. The Obertus must make a frenzy check (Diff 5) anytime a vampire intrudes on what they view as their property. Some Anarchs refer to this flaw as 'Hippity Hoppity get off my Property."

Pleasure addict: The Zantosa must make a Self-Control check (Diff 3) whenever they take a drug or are presented with an extremely pleasurable sensation. Failure leaves them unable to take any action other than continuing what they are doing until it is finished or 10 minutes, whichever is longer. --

The Obertus and Zantosa were changed into Kindred suddenly and without warning. Their masters struck out at them in fear and anger, blaming them for their plights. Now what is left of the ascendant ghouls must make their own way in the world, with only their family to count on.

Clan Variations


Salubri - The Fractured Glass

Bonus Influence: +1 Religion, Health, or Occult

In-Clan Disciplines:

Healers: Obeah (Healer), Fortitude, Auspex

Warrior: Obeah (Warrior), Fortitude, Auspex

Watcher: Obeah (Watcher), Obfuscate, Auspex

Free Action


Clan Advantage


Clan Flaw:

Thirst of Charity, Battle, or Mystery: Effectively it doubles the cost of herd in both freebies and actions and does not allow them to get more than 2 dots. Healers can only drink blood that is given willingly without the use of mind control. Warriors can only drink blood from someone who they defeat in combat that night. And Watchers can only drink from someone who has never seen their face or any face they have used.


The Salubri were branded as demon worshippers by the Camarilla and hunted almost to extinction for it and the curative properties of their blood. Now the Salubri have been given a second chance at regaining their position as a clan

The Outsiders


Clan Gangrel -(Uncommon)

Bonus Influence: +1 Emergency services, or Transportation

In-Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Protean, Fortitude

Clan Flaw: Every time the Gangrel frenzies they gain a bestial feature. The Feature reduces their ability to interact with mortals. Gangrel takes a 1 trait penalty on social actions with mortals for each bestial feature they possess (except intimidation.)

Free Action Travel

Clan Advantage Form of the Beast

From the frozen northlands, the thick forests and icy mountains, the lands of vicious beasts and monsters come the Gangrel. Animalistic and insightful, they embody the most fearsome predators among vampires. From their kind come the tales of such horrors as the Norse berserkers. Undisputed masters of the wild ways, the Gangrel are feared and respected for the unmatched prowess at survival.


Clan Lasombra

Bonus Influence: +1 Religious, Underworld, or Bureaucracy

In-Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Oblivion, Potence

Clan Flaw: Lasombra cast no reflection and in addition, they take one additional damage whenever they take fire or sunlight damage.

Free Action Grow or Attack

Clan Advantage Masters of Shadows

Master manipulators and scions of hidden power, the Lasombra, ply the Jyhad as a vicious game from the comfortable obscurity of darkness and misdirection. Raised from the Spanish and Italian upper class, the Lasombra exercised their influence over the Church and nobility of the Dark Ages, turning mortal rulers to their whims and bending entire societies to their service. Lasombra in the Anarchy are rare


Clan Nosferatu -(Common)

Bonus Influence: +1 Emergency Services, Underworld or Street

In-Clan Disciplines: Obfuscate, Animalism, Potence

Clan Flaw: Nosferatu are ugly, they use half their socials for all offensive social actions except Intimidation and when interacting with animals. When defending they still use their full socials. Or Face and Soul of the Monster

Free Action Hide, Monitor

Clan Advantage Warrens

Hideous and misshapen features are the hallmarks of the Nosferatu, vampires reshaped by the Curse of Caine. All Nosferatu are physically altered by the blood of the clan. Boils, growths, hairy spots and warts sprout on the faces and bodies of these wretches. Little wonder, then, that the Nosferatu prefer to congregate in sewers and caverns, away from the judgmental eyes of others.


Clan Toreador - (Common)

Bonus Influence: + 1 Any

In-Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Presence, Celerity

Clan Flaw: Enrapture

Free Action Any Chosen at character Creation

Clan Advantage Au-Dela and Voir le Monde

Artists, dilettantes and degenerates make up the ranks of the Toreador clan, a lineage ensconced in sensuality and experience. Whether patronizing the arts or creating works of their own, these vampires are rarely far from the pleasures of expression and beauty. Ultimately though, whether for aesthetics or indulgence, it is beauty that carries the members of this clan.


Clan Tremere -.(Uncommon)

Bonus Influence: +1 Occult, University or Bureaucracy

In-Clan Disciplines: Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Dominate

Clan Flaw: All Tremere are 1 trait blood-bound to the clan. In addition, Tremere need only drink another Vampires Vitae 2x to become fully blood bound.

Free Action Research

Clan Advantage Chantry

Once a cabal of mortal wizards, the Tremere supposedly wrested the secrets of vampirism through their own arcane studies in a covert war during the Dark Ages. With their stolen birthright, they carved a place for themselves in vampiric society, hunting down and extinguishing an ancient of another lost bloodline in order to gain legitimacy while refining their own potent magics with their new unliving powers.


Clan Ventrue -

Bonus Influence: +1 Media, Finance, or Bureaucracy

In-Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Dominate, Presence

Clan Flaw: Refined Palate: Must select a type of victim preferred. 10% of the population. Also, must pay double freebies for each dot of herd and cannot have a herd higher than 2. Or Blood Resonance

Free Action Grow or Attack

Clan Advantage Ventrue Orders

While the other clans play at games of status or rebellion, the Ventrue take up the mantle of leadership and guide Cainite society itself. Nobility, sophistication, and duty are the hallmarks of this clan. Rulership is a difficult burden indeed, but the Ventrue know themselves equal to the task. Alternately derided and respected, the Ventrue are the framework on which the Camarilla rested for hundreds of years.

The Truly Strange

Followers of Set -

Bonus Influence: Choose 2 at 1 - Religion, Occult or Underworld

In-Clan Disciplines: Protean, Obfuscate, Presence

Clan Flaw: Cursed by Many - Setites are interesting as they do not have a traditional clan curse, but instead two! Some believe that this is the result of Set and the clan being cursed by both Cain and the Egyptian Pantheon. However, those that are truly devout know that Set is testing their faith in him and his followers who can live with these drawbacks are worthy of being his chosen.

At character creation, Setites receive the Curse of Cain and then select another curse laid upon their clan from a myriad of Set's many enemies.

Curse of Cain - Setites can not tolerate acting or being seen in bright ligjt, they are much more accustomed to the darkness where they can Sin in peace. All Setites are down 2 traits whenever they are in bright light. This includes the Sun, the light of the New Moon, a large bonfire, neon signs, etc.

Curse of Ra - Those cursed by Ra take Aggravated damage from Gold weapons.

The Odincurse - Those cursed by Odin must slither like the snakes they call friends and family. Odincursed can not take two steps in the same direction and lose one step. The Odincurse is ignored by powers that move the kindred forcibly.

Curse of Mithras - Those who know Mithras know of his deep and personal hatred of Setites and their treachery of hiding among the other clans. You can not use Subterfuge to cancel someone using Awareness to notice you activating a power.

Bane of St. Patrick - This is not as much a curse as it is an intense rage some Setites still feel about their causeless persecution on that forsaken isle. Any mention of Ireland, Celtic culture, St. Patrick, or his snake genocide triggers a Difficulty 3 Self Control check. This only triggers once per scene but if you feel someone is continuing to the point you need to make another check, feel free to!

Free Action Hide, Grow Haven

Clan Advantage Altar of Set

The desert sands of Africa hold many secrets long buried, some best left undisturbed. Claiming literal descent from the dark Egyptian god Set, the Setites hoard the secrets of their lost civilizations. According to the Setites, Set himself will rise -- soon -- and he will reward his faithful while plunging the world into eternal night.


Bonus Influence: +1 Occult or High society

In-Clan Disciplines: Oblivion, Mytherceria, Dominate

Clan Flaw: Fey Blood Takes aggravated damage from Cold Iron

Free Action Research

Clan Advantage Fey Magic

A mysterious bloodline that has their blood imbued with the energy of the Wyld.

Daughter of Cacophony/ Sons of Discord-

Bonus Influence: +2 Media

In-Clan Disciplines: Melpomene, Fortitude, Presence

Free Action Grow Backgrounds,

Clan Advantage Harmonies

Clan Flaw: The Whispers: No Daughter may have an Awareness or Investigate higher than 2

A mysterious bloodline, that have claimed to be descended from both the Malkavian and the Toreador, the Daughters are artists who can manipulate sound.


Bonus Influence: +1 Religion, or Occult

In-Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Koldonics, Presence

Clan Flaw: Forest Heart - A Lhinannan takes an unsoakable, unhealable agg for each night they spend away from their Forest. The damage heals when they return to their Forest

Free Action Train/ Meditate

Clan Advantage Servants of the Green

Each Lhiannan harbors a shard of a dark forest spirit within their soul.

Blood Brothers

Bonus Influence: None

In-Clan Disciplines: Sanguinous, Fortitude, Potence,

Clan Flaw: Week Willed - Blood Brothers have their maximum willpower reduced by one.

Free Action Train

Clan Advantage Linked

Blood Brothers are flesh crafted and linked into a hivemind by Tzimisce masters.


Bonus Influence: +2 Occult or High Society

In-Clan Disciplines: Daimoinon, Obfuscate, Presence

Clan Flaw: Damned - 2x damage from true faith effects and Bardo effects, cannot look at or handle objects of faith. Must make a courage check (Dif 5) or drop the item.

Free Action Grow Background

Clan Advantage Twice-Damned / The Abeline Heresy And Blasphemies

Baali are demon tainted Kindred whose very souls are even more damned than the average kindred. Kindred are bad guys but Baali are BAD guys

Ravnos -

Bonus Influence: +1 Underworld, Transportation, Street

In-Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Animalism, Sadhana (Blood Magic)

Clan Flaw: The Ravnos must travel every month. They always run the chance of running into something on the road.(Cannot make travel 100% safe.)

Free Action Travel

Clan Advantage Signature Illusions

A clan of itinerant vagabonds who treat their unlife like a personal paradise.


Bonus Influence: +1 Medical, Finance, Occult

In-Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Dur-An-Ki

Clan Flaw: Kindred blood makes the assamite wretch in pain, taking 1 unsoakable ag per point consumed

Free Action Scourge

Clan Advantage Council of Scrolls (Work in Progress)

A clan of assassins who have declared war on all kindred.

Giovanni -

Bonus Influence: +1 Underworld, Finance, Industry

In-Clan Disciplines: Oblivion, Potence, Dominate

Clan Flaw: The Bite

Free Action Grow Background

Clan Advantage Necromantically Inclined

A clan of necromancers who took vampirism for themselves and have built their criminal empire with the bones of their enemies, literally

Unplayable in Core Game as of right now


Gaki -

Bonus Influence: +1 Underworld, Transportation, Media

In-Clan Disciplines: Kai, Celerity, Auspex

Clan Flaw: Metal Sensitivity: Can be staked with metal as well as wood.

Free Action Hide, Attack,

Clan Advantage Innate Kai

The Gaki are a clan found only in the east. They are thought to be a distant off shoot of the Toreador.



Bonus Influence: +1 Street, or Medical

In-Clan Disciplines: Oblivion, Fortitude, Obfuscate

Clan Flaw: See the Nosferatu Clan flaw.

Free Action Hide

Clan Advantage Near-Death

The Samedi are led by the enigmatic Baron out of his New Orleans Fortress. They are assassins and necromancers whose rotting countenance doesn't dissuade them from being gregarious.