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  • IMO, CHangeling is the most confusing game in the World of Darkness. Our System here is only for Creating interesting NPCs.

CHangelings draw their power from the Wyld. They are Half Fey - Half humans or on occasion, just true fey who have fallen through into the material world. Their Powers are referred to as Arts. A Changeling can have a Kith but it doesn't have any particular meaning in our system.

A Changeling's trait maxes are 12, 11, 10 +1 for every Art they Master. This increase, increases their supernatural potency called Realms which allows them to bind more and more Oaths. Changelings spend Glamour to power their abilities. Their Glamour is equal to the sum of all their Virtues.

Vampires touch deals aggravated damage to Changelings as does cold iron. This is untrue of Malkavians, Kiyasid and Caitiff.

Changelings actions are hidden by the Mists which function just like the effect that makes people forget the Garou

Each Changeling belongs to a Court.

Their Powers are called ARTs

They can craft Treasures and create Oaths

Fae Forms


Ghouling: They take an Ag and arent ghouled

Embracing: They die.