Changeling Backgrounds

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Changeling Backgrounds


Changelings can buy 1 of the 4 treasures at character creation at a cost of 3 background points.

Super: A super treasure background is a greater miracle shell than the normal shells of the four treasures, such an item generally only appears for a specific reason, or is the treasure of a house. Caliburn wielded by king David is such an example.


A chimera is a special animal retainer that uses the fleshcraft rules. Chimera get 5*(background rating) mutation points and can get more for each action spent on increasing them. A changeling can have up to 3 chimeras, they do not however count against the changeling's total retainer count. They can have level 1 ARTs.

Super: A super Chimera can take ARTs up to 3 and has 25 mutation points.


A changeling's mortals rating is a conglomeration of the total ways they harvest glamour, each dot of mortals gives the changeling an additional glamour to work with per game.

Super: Super mortals increases the glamour gain to 5/game.


A freehold is a node with bans and laws equal to its ruler’s realms score, half in the dreaming half not, each freehold has a key that can be given to any person that the owner of the node deems worthy. Any freehold can allow a changeling to enter the dreaming. All freehold spirits are englings and produce 1 glamour/night for the residents, if they like them the fae ruler takes the traditional position of the node spirit.

  • Bans/Laws: Freeholds have special rules called Bans and Laws. Bans and Laws are immediately apparent to all changelings and any creature with at least 1 dot in fae lore when they enter a new freehold. Breaking the ban/law of a freehold causes characters to lose ties in the freehold(even if they normally win ties) and they take a -4 trait penalty for their trouble. A freehold can have bans/laws equal to their node rating, they must be no longer than a sentence but can be broad. The bans and laws must be on a player's sheet to have effect.
  • Example Bans/Laws
    • Don’t be rude.
    • Don't attack the king.
    • Don't insult the hostess.
    • Always bow whenever you speak with the king.

Super: The rating of the node the freehold sits on is 5