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When a fae commits an act against their nature they gain a point of banality, additionally each fae has an antithesis, an act that if they witness will give them a point of banality and cause them to rage frenzy if they fail a self-control check. Creatures of banality(demons, vampires, weaver spirits) do agg to changelings. Changelings also gain a point of banality after failing a compassion check from the following triggers. Having 10 or more banality causes you to become unplayable as your fae self dies completely.

  • Killing a mortal or changeling
  • Weiding Cold Iron
  • Breaking an Oath(banality gain equal to realms score that enforced the oath)
  • Destroying an item or place of great glamour(node, treasure)

Changelings can lose a point of banality by resting in a freehold for a season or by completing a quest in the dreaming. Quests take an action and can be used to reduce banality. They can also be used to find treasure materials.


Changelings can also gain a point of Nightmares, after staying in the dreaming for a season, or in places of great glamour or wyld energy. In such a case the changeling makes a conscience check against a difficulty of the ST's choosing, failure will cause them to spin into the dreaming for a scene waking when. Additionally players make a nightmare check diff 5 if they stay in their fae form in the real world for more than 5 rounds, and every round after that. If they gain more points of nightmares than their perm will they enter bedlam and become crazed and unplayable servants of greater fae. Changelings can lose nightmares by visiting the real world and meditating for a number of actions equal to the nightmare rating*2. Changelings can if they are out of glamour, maintain their fae form for a round by gaining a point of nightmares instead.

Banality and the Dreaming

Other supernaturals have a “banality” rating equal to their supernatural potency(vampires count up with gen 13 being 0 and gen 8 being 5), a non-changeling cannot enter the dreaming if their banality minus the level of power they use to enter the dreaming is higher than 0. Changelings with more banality than glamour cannot enter the dreaming, even when they normally could by art, trod, or being in a freehold. If they enter the dreaming indirectly via a middle or high umbral realm use the level of power used to enter the umbra. The following list of creatures adds 3 to their effective banality rating. Sub-sects of these creatures that are slightly less banal like kiyasid subtract 1 from their banality rating.

  • Vampires
  • Geists
  • Wraiths
  • Weaver or Wyrm aligned/aspected fera and spirits(Glass walkers, anansi, BSDs), or creatures with a cybernetic.
  • Demons/Angels
  • Deviants with obvious mechanical mutations
  • Technocrats and stasis aspected mages