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For Changeling advantages rather than do them by kith I've chosen to group changelings advantages/weakness and extra actions by house instead of by kith, cause there are way too many kith. Inanimae, shinma, and other types of kith all have similar advantages.The advantages listed below by house are: The House's advantage, The House's Flaw, and the House's Bonus action.


House Aesin are battle hardened warriors with a bond with nature.

Advantage: Aesin members can speak to animals

Flaw: Can’t regain glamour through epiphany and cannot take influences above 2.

Action: Scourge


Political masterminds ailil heads the unseelie courts and the dragons have no plans to relinquish that power anytime soon.

Advantage: Ailil members can spend politics or subterfuge to gain information on a target, + their highest level power.

Flaw: If an Ailil fails a courage challenge they lose 1 willpower

Action: Grow influence


The house of balor’s members cursed with fomorian blood are powerful reminders of why the fae were once gods and they make sure others know it.

Advantage: Balor members take lethal damage from cold iron

Flaw: Balor members are down 1 permanent willpower

Action: Search


The dark stars of Beaumayn watch their prophecies for the return of the thallain ever-vigilant even if the other houses are not.

Advantage: Members of house Beaumayn gain a single point of insight

Flaw: Members of house beaumayn are down 5 traits on stealth checks to remain hidden against thallain.

Action: Research


The pathfinders are heralds of change for the dreaming world and seek to guard the paths of the dreaming against banality.

Advantage: Up 1 trait against nightmares checks. Can spend a glamour to find the silver path in the dreaming.

Flaw: It takes danaan two travel actions to travel in the autumn world due to the mists.

Action: Quest


The hosts of house Daireaan offer hospitality to all who see it and vengeance to all who deserve it.

Advantage: Daireann can make a simple medicine test vs 10 traits once per night to restore 1 energy to all who eat the medicine they make.

Flaw: Daireann cannot refuse an honest request for sanctuary and are down 1 trait on compassion checks

Action: Reinforce Haven.


The smiths of house Dougal know that craftsmanship speaks for itself, our members are as good as our hammers.

Advantage: A member of house dougal can spend a glamour and a willpower to reduce the difficulty of a single craft check by 1 once a month.

Flaw: Members of House Dougal have at least 1 mechanical part giving them a -3 trait penalty on animal ken, empathy, and subterfuge checks.

Action: Craft


The sorcerers of House Eiluned keep much of their knowledge and council to themselves, having been too many times ignored by rulers they now take matters to their own house.

Advantage: A member of House Eiluned can spend an awareness retest to identify a power from any supernatural without need for an appropriate lore check.

Flaw: Members of House Eiluned gain a point of nightmares whenever they fail a lore security or occult check.

Action: Research


The Fiona do nothing by half, partying, fighting, sex, is all done by what the fiona sees in the world and their own personal honor.

Advantage: The Fiona are up 1 trait on courage checks, and gain a willpower level retest to resist any power that would cause them to flee or feel fear such as dread gaze or a beast's nightmare power.

Flaw: Fiona have 1 challenge trigger(similar to a rage trigger) they cannot back down from or they lose a willpower

Action: Quest


The falcons of House Gwydion are nobles and warriors of legend and they claim the current high king of concordia among their number. Few risk the wrath and eye of the falcons house.

Advantage: Members of House Gwydion can spend an empathy retest to determine if a target,or book, is lying.

Flaw: House Gwydion all have an extra antithesis trigger.

Action: Grow background


Muses, patrons, and dreamers the Leanhuan are the third of the three great Unseelie houses and they know that they who direct culture direct the world.

Advantage: A member of house Leanhuan can at the end of any scene where they have befriended an NPC make a socials(leadership) test vs the supernatural potency of that NPC to gain them as a contact or ally 1 without spending an action. They can do this a maximum of once per night.

Flaw: LeanHaun need fresh glamor and has a maximum mortals(herd) rating of 2 and must maintain this herd at 2 at all times or suffer an increasing trait penalty to all actions per month they are missing.

Action: Epiphany


Liam said that humans had rights and values and for that the other houses exiled them, now they have returned and aren’t too pleased with their brethren houses.

Advantage: Members of house Liam are up 1 trait on banality challenges. They can spend a glamour to grant this benefit to another kith they can see for a single challenge.

Flaw: Liam characters need only reach 9 banality to become unplayable, they also cannot take the epiphany action.

Action: Grow influence


The gray walkers of House Scathach lead and fight from the front, preferring armor to noble garb. Anyone with Merit is welcome in house Scathach.

Advantage: Scathach can spend a stealth retest to make no sound unless they engage in a challenge or interact with an object.

Flaw: Scathach cannot leave a battle once they have engaged in it without making a diff 5 self-control check. Additionally Oaths scathach swear backfire on them as if they were enforced 1 realm higher than they were.

Action: Scourge


The Weavers of House Varich sport icy hearts allow them to see the threads connecting people, events and things and then cut those threads for devastating and decisive effect.

Advantage: Members of House Varich can spend an empathy test to learn a target’s nature, demeanor, and highest virtue. They are also up 1 trait on rage frenzy challenges.

Flaw: Cannot take allies or mentor backgrounds above 2.

Action: Hide or Monitor influence