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Realms boost the number of oaths a kith can enforce. A kith who masters an art is eligible for realm advancement, regardless of their actual rank in changeling society, up to a maximum of 10. To advance in realms the changeling must undertake a successful quest. In addition to the listed all kith can enforce one lifetime oath so long as they have Academics or fae lore 5 and therefore know how to. If you break your one lifetime oath you lose a single contract at 5 to 0 and lose a realms.

Changelings have max Willpower equal to 10+realms,and Health equal to 7+realms increasing your realms to 6 requires a Quest into arcadia. Realms also count as status in the dreaming, regardless of kith or form.

  • Realm 1 Squire - Can enforce any number of one day oaths and 5 week long oaths.
  • Realm 2 Knight - can enforce any number of one week oaths and 1 month long oaths.
  • Realm 3 Baron/ess - can enforce any number of 1 month oaths and 1 year long oaths.
  • Realm 4 Count/ess - can enforce any number of 1 year oaths and 1 decade long oaths.
  • Realm 5 Duke/ess - can enforce any number of decade long oaths and 5 permanent oaths.
  • Realm 6 King/Queen - Can enforce any number of permanent oaths.
  • Realms 7-10 - only matter for trait caps, you are still a king.