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Fae Forms

Changelings are creatures of story an can invoked the power of the dreaming to surround themselves with a glamour form closer to their true form than the banal world normally allows. Entering a changeling’s fae forms require the expenditure of a glamour and a willpower. And comes with a ban, that if broken breaks the form, and they cannot re-enter it again in the scene. Maintaining the form costs a glamour each turn. Inside the dreaming or a freehold all fae can assume their true form without expending glamour. Invoking the wyrd immediately heals the changeling of all damage it acquired, and they can attack and defend with any treasures they might have regardless of local banality. When they activate their form They gain 5 health levels and 5 of every trait(this is their potence/equv), and the abilities listed below. Kiths generally fall into one of the following 10 forms, changelings get 1 initial form at character creation but can purchase additional forms for 25 XP/each. You can only assume one form at a time. Each turn a changeling can switch their form to another they have.

The Knight

  • Might of the blade: You win ties on all melee attacks made with swords or spears, and all athletics and defense checks so long as you're in armor.
  • Unyielding: You cannot be moved against your will, grappled, or paralyzed.
  • My charge: When you assume the form you may target one creature or object in the scene, You may reflexively redirect one attack against them to yourself each turn.
  • Never back down: You may spend and refill Courage as though it was a skill for the scene. Courage refills at the end of any scene where it is used as a skill
  • Ban: You may not leave the scene or allow your charge to fall.

The Regent

  • Mandate of heaven: You Win ties against targets with lower supernatural potency then you.
  • Drawbridge of light: Targets must beat you in a social challenge socials(leadership) vs socials(leadership) to attack you.
  • My Word is law: Targets must succeed on a difficulty 5 self control test to avoid following any order you give. Retesting this costs 2 willpower. Ignoring it requires spending two points of permanent virtues. Giving an order follow’s majesty’s ban rules.
  • Regal Authority: Oaths you adjudicate double the realms penalty for breaking them if you spend a glamour and a willpower while in this form. In addition you can adjudicate 1 special oath to a servant, in exchange for their undying fealty, they gain +4 traits to one attribute category of their choice while you are in the scene.
  • Ban: Anyone following your orders is your subject you must treat them with hospitality and kindness as a host. If harm comes to them while they follow your word is law commands you fail the Ban.


  • Avalon’s blessing: Win ties for any creature you have equal to or higher lore of their creature type than they do. So if you have changeling lore 5 you win ties all on changelings with changeling lore 5 or less.
  • Keeper of Knowledge: You may lower the difficulty of any lore test by one.
  • Keeper of the way: Draw a line in the ground in front of you as an action, creatures cannot cross that line or they take 6A, the line can also be a small circle around you. You may only maintain one circle at a time.
  • The Pen is mightier: The wizard may always use mental actions for any additional actions, even if they can only be attacks, and may use their mentals(expression) in place of any one other skill chosen when they activate the form.
  • Ban: You cannot refuse to counsel any who ask you a question. A question once asked must be answered truly and honestly as you can.


  • Better than you stance: You win ties against targets who have less compassion than you, or conscience if they don't have compassion.
  • Bleeding gold heart: All targets in the scene you choose heal 1 damage/turn(Doesn’t stack)
  • Cast out: Touch a creature and make a socials(empathy) v socials(willpower) check to cast them into the umbra.
  • Glimpse of pain yet uncaused: You may touch a target. If their compassion is below 3, they become overwrought by the pain and sorrow they have causes in their life. Every small misdeed is brought before them and they may do nothing but weep for 5 minutes. Any hostile intent ends the power.
  • Martyr’s Finale: If you are killed in the scene, you may inflict your health levels in damage *3 to your killer. (This breaks the damage cap)
  • Ban: Kill a creature


  • Primal power: The beast wins ties on any challenge where being bigger or more powerful than someone could affect the outcome. This mostly constitues athletics, brawl, and intimidation, but could be applicable to other challenges(not melee/firearms).
  • Glamour Frenzy: Become immune to mental challenges for the scene.
  • Impossible size: Gain an additional 5 health levels.
  • Primal creature: You have claws that do 3A and a bite that does 4A the claws have 2 traits. You soak 1 damage from every attack, you win ties on brawl. You soak 2 damage instead that doesn’t stack from any attack made with mortal weapons. Magic items, unarmed attacks of magical creatures, spells of any sort, and weapons made of cold iron bypass this soak.
  • Bestial ways: You may use athletics, animal ken, and defense as Brawl.
  • Ban: Must attack every turn if able.


  • Death to the light: You win ties against beings in Saint, Knight and Regent forms, also anyone with a max compassion or courage score.
  • Cackling Monologue: During combat you may spend a glamour to monolouge, Everyone will stop and listen to your speech for one minute, at the end of which you may use a social power, that can affect even those typically immune to such powers. This still counts as one turn. Also anyone in travel time to the scene, arrives at the scene as you monolouge
  • Slippery: you may use Subterfuge and Stealth as Defense retests.
  • Cunning escape: the first time each year you die, you instead leave behind a fake body and celerity 4 is used. Others can follow .
  • Ban: If an ally asks for aid in a scene you must refuse them or betray them in that scene. Failure to do so by scene end results in your form deactivating.


  • Up to the Challenge: The Hero may target a single person as their Foe when they assume the form. They Win ties on physical challenges against that person and that person alone for the remainder of the scene. Deactivating the power and reactivating it does nothing.
  • Virtuous: You gain a discipline retest on virtue checks.
  • Chosen one: while you are in the hero’s form you may pick up any inanimate object and use it as the hero weapon treasure for the scene by spending 3 extra glamour, the treasure has 1 less trait and damage than normal.
  • Twist of Fate: you gain 3 lucky retests while in this form. After the retests are used, a hanging “plot” ride above your head. At some point during or after the scene you will fail a challenge for seemingly no reason except to advance the “plot”,
  • Ban: Targeting anyone with this Fae form who is beneath you, (Ie. has 50 points less on their sheet or is otherwise not a real threat, GM is the final arbiter, causes the Ban to activate at the end of the scene. It still lets you fight them though)


  • Wanna Be the Minority: The Rebel wins ties against people who hold government positions(prince,seneschal, pack alpha, chantry head, realms 4+ changeling, deathlords, etc), royalty, or are otherwise the leader of more than 100 people.
  • Fuck the Man: Destroying Property grants the Rebel bonus traits on their next challenge equal to the resource value of the property ( 1 2 or 3). If the property is worth resources 3, they gain an additional skill retest.
  • Never bend the Knee: The Rebel is immune to Majesty and all Majesty like effects as well as dominate and dominate like effects.
  • Taxation is Theft: The rebel cannot suffer trait penalties, have their steps reduced, or have their willpower/energy taken by powers(They can still pay costs and must in the case of resisting mental/social effects that don't target the above things).
  • Ban: Can not do what another tells them to do, must do the opposite of any orders or suggestions, cannot work with those who hold city positions


  • Best Done with Style: The Debonair wins ties against anyone she possesses more Socials than. Each time this Fae Form is activated, the Debonair loses a single dot of socials for the remainder of the evening.
  • Far above the Nobodies: When calling a double overbid you compare your socials vs the targets to determine if you can double overbid regardless of the challenge's attribute type.
  • How Dare you Speak to Me: Creatures with potency 2 lower than yours cannot make social challenges against you. Neither can humans.
  • Air of superiority: Allies who acknowledge how amazing you are can call an additional skill retest on a single challenge during the scene.If they do so, you have +3 socials on all actions against them for the evening.
  • Ban: Can not work with anyone who has less than 12 socials. Must mock and deride them until they leave or the Debonair does. If in combat must use one action every turn to attack or insult or otherwise belittle an ugly person on their side.


  • Hard to catch: The jester wins ties defensiely against anyone trying to hurt, harm, or coerce them.
  • Hard to Kill.: The Jester Soaks 2 damage from any lethal or aggravated attacks against them. Bashing works just fine.
  • Infuriating: The jester can make a Social (Empathy) vs Social ( willpower) if successful the target must attack you and only you on the next round.
  • Contagious Laughter: The Jester tells a joke and it invokes a frenzy on everyone who hears it. Self-control diff 5. Anyone who fails must fall to the ground laughing. The joke can be harmless or lethal ( in which case it deals a bashing a round to mortals until they die)
  • Ban: The jester is a wild card, and it's ban is slightly lax, but they can never assume the form twice in a night in pursuit of the same goal, any scene they invoke the form in they must have a different goal than the last.