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There are 4 treasures, the weapon, the armor, the trinket, and the tool. Treasures have different effects depending on which fae form you’re in. Treasures have 2 modes, banal and awakened, in the real world all treasures are banal and only apply their banal effect, unless awakened by transforming into a fae form. You can wield a number of treasures at a time equal to your realms, a realms 5 changeling can have a single treasure awaken one of their other forms powers. For example, a realms 5 king could wield Excalibur in 1 hand and Gugnir in the other, but realms 4 and below cannot. Treasures all have the durable tag. Some treasures come with an oath that they can only be used by their owner.

Crafting Treasures

Crafting a treasure is a difficulty 20 check craft or expression check. Each quest into the dreaming reduces the difficulty by 1, to a minimum of 0, allowing even changelings who cannot craft to find a treasure. But if you do not have the craft/expression skill the treasure you receive is random. If you want a specific treasure the minimum craft diff is 5+tags. Buying a treasure with background points is not random, only questing without craft.

General Treasures:

These are the banal effects of the 4 treasures applied when no fae form is active.


  • Banal
    • Scabbard is empty and increases the first weapon drawn from it’s damage by 1.
Form Effect
Knight Excalibur: 5T/4A sword, this shard of the sword of the king deals 1 extra damage to anyone without a virtue at 5.
Regent Khryselakatos: The bow of the regent is a 4T/4L weapon with unerring precision. As an action the user can spend a glamour to strike through the heart of any opponent with less supernatural potency than themselves. If the regent wins 2 simple chops in a row using leadership as a retest a target with less potency damaged by this glamour charged attack they must cease combat and undertake a task for the regent. If the regent is ever hit with their own bow this way they take 6A.
Wizard The Elder Wand: This wand is a 4 trait occult item that allows the caster to cast one of the following spells as an action. It can be used with elemental blast to increase the damage of that art by 1.
  • Lightning bolt mentals(occult) vs phys(might) to all people in a 2 step wide line within 10 steps, deals 4L.
  • Fireball: mentals(occult) vs phys(might) 3A to all targets excluding themselves in a 5 step radius.
Saint Nail of the Cross: This 1T/0B weapon deals no damage, but if the saint strikes a target with the nail 4 times, they are pinned to a chimeric cross for the scene, and cannot take actions, be freed or damaged. Each nail affecting a target up to the 4th applies a -2 trait penalty to all traits.
Beast Dragon's Claws: These claws grant +4 traits to your claws and fangs in beast form. Additionally you may make called shots to disarm or legs without spending a retest before the attempt.
Hero Gungnir: 4T/4L armor piercing spear. Once per scene by spending a glamour an attack made by this spear will hit without a test.
Villain Winter is Coming: 3T/5L weapon, that when it hits an opponent freezes one of their energy, leaving it inert until the end of the scene
Rebel Yeoui: A 4T/4B staff that can hit anyone in the scene by extending. It can also be used to climb great heights by holding onto the tip of the staff and then extending it.
Debonair Lightning Gun: 4T/4L gun, shoots lightning bolts and can target everyone in the scene by spending a glamor(Uses mass retest rules), the mass attack deals a stacking -4 penalty to the target's socials instead of damage.
Jester Norn's Needle: A 2t/2L Reach needle, when a target is hit by the needle they have 7 of their turns(not rounds) to leave the combat or they die, the number appears above their head, and ticks down at the end of each turn, surrendering is sufficient to end this power.


  • Banal
    • This effortless, effortless cat 1 armor can change your costume to anything you’d like once per scene.
Form Effect
Knight Avalon: The scabbard of the king protects you from all harm, you heal 1 point of damage every round you take damage and the scabbard grants you a force shield with 7 health levels per scene. Damage rolls over if they deplete the shield. Every time you score a successful hit with a melee weapon the shield regains 1 of its health levels.
Regent Armor of Kings: The armor of kings prevents monarch’s deaths, you can summon the armor as a response to surprise against you, negating the surprise and starting initiative normally. Additionally any target with lower supernatural potency attempting to attack the regent takes a trait penalty equal to your realms.
Wizard Robe of Stars: The wizard may use the robe of stars to enter any umbral plane(dreaming, middle, high, astral), that is not the low umbra. Stepping sideways to the middle or astral umbra this way happens at the end of the round as an escape power, those without the capability to follow cannot. It grants the wizard 1 soak against all environmental damage.
Saint Martyr's Robes: The clothes of the stake do what they could not in legend and protect the saint from any and all fire damage. Additionally, the martyr can at any point sacrifice their life to revive all allies who died in the scene(vampires, wraiths, geists etc return to their supernatural form and not fully to life), healing them to full.
Beast Pelt of Fenris: The pelt of Fenris turns away all attempts to hunt the beast, while wearing this armor the beast is immune to all ranged attacks not magically made. It also gives the beast 3 extra health levels.
Hero Shard of Aegis: The shield appears outlined around its banal form and soaks 1 damage from every attack you take for the scene. It can only soak 12 levels total per scene.
Villain Dark Lord's Cloak: As the villain you often find yourself facing long to impossible odds, thus the dark lord’s cloak becomes more powerful the more enemies you face. The dark lord’s cloak soaks the first two levels of damage you take per attack in a scene for each opponent you face to a max of ten levels(5 hits 2 levels each). The cloak gains an additional 2 levels of soak if a new enemy enters the scene.
Rebel Dragon Armor Suits: In its awakened form the armor suits provide the user 5 extra health levels, and soaks all damage from the first damage source they suffer in the scene automatically.
Debonair Socialite's Dress: The debonair is always the best dressed in the room, even in armor. When the socialite activates this armor they get 6 dots they can split between the armor’s health levels and a bonus to their socials.
Jester Fool's Outfit: The jester is always dressed for mocking laughter, their laughter, their defense. To attack the jester in this outfit, the user must make a self-control check diff 3 or choose another target.


  • Banal
    • The trinket is charged with 1 glamour/night that can be accessed by the fae, and is always appealing to human children.
Form Effect
Knight Maiden's Favor: The favor of a queen or lover, it is kept close to the knight’s form at all times. Any time the knight falls they may break the trinket to stand after their death, healing to 3 health levels and taking an action immediately.
Regent Regent's Crown: The crown shows the undeniable authority of the ruler, while they wear it, they are immune to all mental and social mind control, frenzy, or manipulation, from targets with lower supernatural potency than them.
Wizard Wizard's Hat: The wizards hat makes him an authority on matters he may otherwise have no clue about, by spending a glamour he can fake a mental skill at 5 for the scene. This can be used to refill mental skills, during ability refresh.
Saint Eye of the Progenitor: In its true form the crystal reveals itself as a star crafted by the fae when the world tree lit the world. It dispels all darkness, illusions, stealth, and concealment effects when activated and lasts for the scene.
Beast Basilisk's Eyes: This set of glasses grants some of the traits of the basilisk to the beast, with a successful physicals(intimidation) vs mentals(wp) check the beast can begin turning a target to stone, if successful the target cannot take steps for the rest of the scene.
Hero The Silver Ship: This ship can make the voyage to Arcadia once a year, though the changeling may never return. It can also sail from the dreaming to the high umbra and vice versa.
Villain One Ring: The ring reveals itself as a wheel of fire around your finger, you gain an extra discipline level retest on leadership and intimidation for the scene.
Rebel Nimbus: This treasure allows the rebel to fly about on a cloud when it’s active, they may use it for travel in which case it counts as 2 points of travel influence. Or they may use it in combat where it provides them flight with +2 steps
Debonair 12 Silver Keys: You can use the 12 keys to open a portal into the dreaming onto the silver path, and take up to 5 subjects through.
Jester Jester's Cap: The jester’s cap jangles with many bells, and the jester can gain much from the target's reactions. When they manifest the cap the jester can apply a -2 virtue penalty to all virtues to anyone in the scene they choose, they can change the penalty target each turn during ability refresh.


  • Banal
    • The tool is a prismatic chimerical multi tool that provides a +1 to one skill, once per scene, that does not take form until the owner produces it.
Form Effect
Knight Horse Whistle: With this tool the knight may summon his horse, while mounted on the horse the knight always moves first in combat, and anyone attacking him with a melee weapon without the reach tag or brawl is down 1 skill retest. This takes an action.
Regent Scepter and Orb: The tools of divine leadership, the scepter and orb allow the regent greater authority allowing them to use leadership in place of intimidate, empathy, melee, defense, or brawl.
Wizard Vulcan's Hammer: When used to craft a treasure or item this cancels 4 skill retests, and can be used to craft an oath of ownership into the treasure’s use so no one else can use the treasure.
Saint Rings of the First Forge: When activated, the two wearers of the rings can refresh each other’s skills. You can give the other ring to anyone
Beast Tunneling Claws: With this treasure the beast may magically move through stone, concrete, any material except cold iron. Additionally anything behind them when they’re moving within 3 steps takes 1B from the debris thrown in their wake.
Hero Bag of Holding: With this tool the hero may store any number of items up to armory 3 worth of equipment in their bag, Along with an item up to the size of a car they may not store people in the bag. Retrieving anything from the bag takes an action, unless they spend a glamour.
Villain Master Plan: As a bluebook action you may charge this treasure. When you lose a challenge you may spend the charge to instead win that challenge, declaring how you were prepared for this eventuality the entire time and losing was actually part of your master plan. Villains can counteract other villain's use of master plan with their own master plan.
Rebel Jack's Compass: This item always points the rebel in the direction they need to go. The item holds 3 points of insight per night usable by the rebel, in addition the wielder can never be lost and the compass always points them in the direction they’re going.
Debonair Opera Glasses: The debonair can view all lairs of reality with these glasses, and speak to anyone they know in the city with them. Additionally, when looking at someone through the glasses they can tell what their social traits are, by making a challenge as per aura sight vs 10 traits.
Jester Piece of the Tapestry: A tapestry constantly being weaved. You can take an action to weave one of the frilled ends into the tapestry, doing so gives someone in the scene a discipline level retest on their next challenge(Doesn’t stack with itself). You can also weave someone out, giving them a discipline retest against them on their next challenge. Targets can only be affected by the tapestry once per turn.