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Sin-Eaters are compound beings. One part human, and one part wraith. The Human portion is occupied by one who has recently died, usually in a way that is shocking or surprising. The Wraith part is made up of a wraith willing to give up its individuality in order to have some semblance of life once again. The Methodology by which a wraith becomes a Geist is not well known as many in the Kingdoms of death wish to keep this knowledge secret. When the Human dies, the Wraith offers it a communion so that both it and human may return to among the living as creatures known as Sin-Eaters. Throughout this section we refer to the compound being of the sin-eater interchangeably as geist and sin-eater.

Lore: The lore for knowing about Geists is Wraith Lore. Geists are affected by things that specifically call out wraith lore: Such as the strategist's level 6 invocation, or the Nagah's master Gift. A weapon can be Geist warded and/or wraith warded you do not need to learn a separate ward from wraith ward. Geists are not effected by powers that effect wraiths or anything else that calls out the creature type but not the lore of the creature type, for example oblivion 2, or oblivion rituals.



Haunts Geist's Powers


Ceremonies : Geist's versions of rituals.


Mementos : Geist's magic items and keys of the underworld


Krewes : Geist's groupings like a party or coterie, minimum 3 geists. Maximum 5 geists.

Burdens and Archetypes

Burdens and Archetypes Things you and your geist care strongly about that determine your: Starting keys, Urge, and Advantage.

Burden and Archetype grant the character one Key Each. Burden determines your urge and archetype determines your advantage.

Lost Arts

Lost Arts are items or techniques from lost worlds and civilizations that geists can find by helldiving deep in the labyrinth, they generally have to be refound after a certain number of uses.


Geist Merits


Geists Traits are 12, 11 10, Geists max traits go up by 1 per dot of synergy they have.


Max Willpower and health are 9+synergy.


Synergy: This is a Geist's supernatural potency. Is a 1-5, with 6-10 existing but mostly impossible over the course of a game. Can be increased through research and an exceedingly difficult Empathy Check. Synergy determines the Manifestation benefit for having each Key, and the difficulty and amount of Urges. Lastly Synergy increases a Geists max traits by one per level. Geists can return from the dead by spending a dot of permanent synergy, doing so deposits them at the mouth of one of the rivers of death.

Increasing synergy: Increasing synergy with the geist is difficult for the bound because the pact erases much of the former’s memory. Each level of synergy requires research into who your pact maker was before they drunk the waters of Lethe, this can be done in the human or underworld and takes actions equal to 5*the desired synergy rating. After that the Geist can make an empathy check equal to The synergy rating they desire to enter the labyrinth’s memory towers to connect with who their ghost once was through the hive-memory of the spectres. This is a harrowing and requires an action and 2 xp to attempt.


Sight Beyond Sight: Geists senses penetrate the realm of death, the darkness of night and the silence of oblivion. You can see through Darkness and through the shroud. They can see wraiths on either side of the shroud regardless of their materialized status.


Plasm: Is the Blood equivalent. Geists have a max Plasm of Courage + Conscience + Synergy+ touchstones. Geists can spend a plasm to reduce the severity of incoming damage by 1 step(bashing can’t be reduced further). Eating relics in the underworld grants 1 plasm/night per category. Geists can spend a plasm to refresh all their discipline level retests.


Geists have all 4 virtues

  • Compassion is used to reduce difficulties during Ferry actions.
  • Courage and Conscience: Add together to define your max Plasm
  • Self Control resists Urges.


Geists get 4 actions + an action if they are a member of a krewe towards that krewe’s goal.

  • New Action: Memento trade: You can attempt to barter mementos in stygia, you can trade any 2 mementos for a different 1, finding a specific one takes time.
  • New Action: Ferry: Ferry is like a research action with goals. This is the process of helping a lost soul come to peace by working it through its grief and helping it resolve any unresolved business. We may ask you to make compassion checks to understand the ghost along the way, reducing your target numbers by the rating of the check. We will ask you questions after each action and reduce the number of research points based on your answer. At the conclusion you get a random memento from the list. ( We roll a d100). Ferrying a wraith often involves entering the labyrinth via a nihil and using your virtues to resolve each passion or fetter a wraith maintains a connection to. This is more difficult with spectres and may necessitate beating them to unconsciousness.
  • New Action: Recall: Recall is the action necessary to increase synergy. It costs 2 xp to attempt and you must complete the process outlined under synergy.

Keys of the Underworld

Geist's powers come from special mementos called Keys. They have to be carried to activate their haunt. Just owning the Key gives a Passive benefit and they have activatable effects referred to as haunts. Additionally a key can be used to open any Avernian gateway into the underworld which deposits a wraith onto the nearest river of death byway.

The passive power of a Key is called it's manifestation, there are 10 keys


Haunts : The powers of geists from their keys. Each key has two trees of three Haunts that are the activatable powers. Haunts can be bought but keys must be found.

Background Changes

  • Dual influence Geists can have influence in either the underworld or mortal world. Underworld influence is with the guilds.
  • Two homes Geists can have haven in the underworld of the real world. An underworld haven is called a haunt.
  • Ceremonies As the rituals background

New Background: Touchstones: Humans they’ve made a real connection with helps their Synergy and adds to Plasm. Each dot of this background gives you 1 plasm.

  • Super: Super touchstones gives you 5 extra plasm.

New Background: Memento:: Mementos are geist's magic items and where they draw their powers. Each memento costs the same as a level 2 background. Geists can add tags to memento armor and weapons with the craft skill, though only 1 tag, with a diff 4 craft check.

  • Super: Super mementos allows you to trade one memento for another with the memento trade action instead of two for one, you still have to take the memento trade action.

Geist Experience

Thing XP Cost
Background Dot 3(Character creation only)
Virtue 2xDesired Rating
Willpower Desired Rating+1
Ability 2xDesired Rating
Attribute 1-10 = 1 / 11-20 = 2
Specialty 1
Haunt 5x Level of Desired Haunt
Synergy Attempt 2
Merit 4x Rating