Lost Arts

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Lost arts are mementos of lost worlds found inside the watery depths of the labyrinth, or deeper still in the dream towers of the neverborn the Memory Towers. Lost Arts come in lots of various types, Lost tech, Plasmic Parts, Shattered Spells, Ancient martial Arts, but they are all mementos, or items of some kind, that must be retrieved by the helldiving ritual.

Helldiving (L3 Ritual): The Geist and their krewe pay a total of 5xp between them to create breathing equipment for them and their krewe for the night and opens a black murky portal into the waters of the labyrinth, preparing them to find a lost art. While casting the ritual the geist states the amount of time before the portal reopens, generally 1 or 2 scenes, or 1 night, if they miss the window they will have to find their own way back out. A krewe can only find one lost art per journey, and once they have it whoever holds the memento can use the lost art. Some lost arts will fade with repeated use in the real world. If the memento is stolen, the geist loses access to the art until it is regained.

Lost Arts

The Shroud Breaker

A device of binding, the shroud breaker knits umbral and real space together. Doing so allows communication across any distance to someone they name in any realm for the scene by spending a plasm. They appear visible on the other side of the dark mirror ripped in space. Sights work across the void and it can be used as scrying but nothing else may cross.

Grandmother’s Cryopod

A great black sarcophagus, twice retrofitted with light soulsteel, grandmother’s cryopod can instantly create a pseudo corpus for the recently deceased. By spending a plasm, they can create a wraith from the soul of a recently deceased(no more than 1 day ago), once the cryopod has been used 5 times, it must be retrieved from the memory tower again.

Cloak of Hades

This memento made of cloaked shadow provides an obfuscate rating of 5 to the krewe or weilder that functions against all creatures but spectres, as normal interacting breaks obfuscation.

Library Card of Atlantis

The lost library holds the answers to all of humanity’s questions, a recipe of the library takes the place of a library card with 5 skulls marking it’s uses. The library’s uses can either check out a book with access to lore 8’s worth of information regarding a question, or an expert manual for any teachable attribute. This does not bypass other requirements like learning mage rotes, or finding other lost arts.

Fate's Strings

The geist may spend a plasm to extend their ghost over all members of the krewe in the scene, while so extended the geist may expend skill retests for the members they are extended over. So if your friend attacks with melee they may expend either your melee retests of their own, but not both.

Benkei’s 7 Weapons

A geist that has mastered this ancient skill of arming themselves can hold up to seven weapons at a time and strike with any one on their turn. Once per turn by expending a melee or firearms retest they can aid their allies with one of these weapons, throwing one across the room to cancel 1 defense skill retest on a target they or their krewe member is attacking.

The Art of War

With the original copy of this book that exists across many worlds and cultures a geist has mastery of war. A geist’s krewe is their arms and legs, and they move as such, a geist with this lost art, gains a new ability: War, with a number of dots equal to the members of their krewe(themselves included, max 5), they may call this skill test in place of any retest during combat where their krewe is present.

Gauntlet of Death

A Gauntlet infused with a technique originally intended to kill the neverborn was abandoned in the tower without achieving its original purpose; today geists have adopted it to kill their enemies. A geist can spend a plasm to infuse their hands with the substance of oblivion. The geists fists for the scene deal 3A damage but they can choose to forgo the damage their fists deal to drain an equal amount of the target’s energy(including in soak the target has, so if the 3a is soaked to 2 you drain 2). Targets that have their energy dropped negative by this technique die.

Seven flames of the underworld(OP)

One geist brought back a tome of seven flames, named for hell’s archdevils, locked in the abyss. When using this power the geist expends up to 7 willpower and a plasm, then makes a mentals(occult) check with a number of occult retests equal to the willpower spent, against the target’s physicals(defense). If successful the target takes lethal damage, loses willpower, suffers a trait penalty to their mentals, physicals, and socials, loses energy, and suffers a frenzy check with a diff equal to the amount of willpower spent by the geist. Aegis effects negate the damage and wp loss.

Veil of the Abyss

A geist with this small box of darkness can spend a plasm to cloak the scene in a barrier of black light, once the barrier is drawn it ejects all non supernaturals and prevents any humans from entering the barrier, entering the barrier once it has been drawn for supernaturals costs a wp, leaving is free. Nothing that occurs inside the barrier will be noticed by humans passing by during day or night.

Astral Glove

With a successful mentals(occult) vs physical(defense) check the geist can slap a target within brawl range into their astral form as astral projection. The target’s body cannot be harmed while affected by this ability if they are an enemy. If they are an ally to maintain this protection the geist must keep their hand on the body at all times.

Cerberus's Bell

By ringing the bell and spending a plasm the geist brings forth the jaws of Cerberus, and makes a socials(Animal ken) vs Physicals(athletics) challenge against up to 3 targets they can see, failure on the check deals 3L to the target, alternatively the geist can focus all 3 mouths on a single target in which case Cerberus swallows the target in the head of the great black guardian depositing them into the underworld for the scene.

Nature's Teacher

This flower made of bone-teeth contains the fangs of every predator ever conceived by Gaia, wrapped in a human jaw, when the geist holding the jaw successfully uses a social power on a creature, they may choose to inflict 1 unsoakable aggravated damage, or a -2 stackable social penalty.

Scroll of the thousand nights

A geist with this power, can so long as they take no harmful action, and do nothing but tell a story, calm all those involved in a scene from combat. At the end of the Geist's tale, anyone who still seeks violence must spend a wp to make a socials(willpower) check against the geist’s Socials(leadership).

Ratio Abacus

When a Geist with this abacus makes a social action with their krewe present, if there are at least triple the number of krewe mates, then allies of the defender, they may spend a plasm for a double overbid retest, if there are at least 6 times the number of krewe mates as allies, they may call a triple overbid.