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Ceremonies are Geist's version of rituals, players can create new ceremonies, just submit them to staff.

Ceremonies are cast with a Mentals(Occult) challenge vs their level and take 5 mins to cast per level. To learn a ceremony you must take the learn ritual action and have occult equal to the level of the ritual.

Level 1

  • Death Watch: The target stops bleeding out and neither dies nor gets better for 30 days. This casts instantly and is dismissible after 1 day, when dismissed the target always has 1 health level.
  • Speaker for the dead: Allows a Wraith to possess your body and speak, without having the embody arcanoi, they must be in the scene in the deadlands.

Level 2

  • Skeleton key: one action creates one key that bypasses any security check 6 or lower, you may only have one key at a time.
  • Krewe binding: Creates a krewe or adds/removes a member. Krewes can have a max of 5 people, the leader of the krewe can add up to 4 more people by giving up one of their actions per member added.

Level 3

  • Soulcraft: As the wraith ritual soulcraft substitute plasm for pathos. This ritual allows you to soul craft, you can’t make artifacts only dark mementos. Crafting a Dark memento is diff 6, and requires capture of a wraith, soulcrafting in this way costs 1 compassion.
  • Blood for blood: By taking a lethal damage, spending a plasm and drawing a circle on the ground, the geist can create a local shallowing to summon a circle 1 wraith(or spectre if they’re feeling adventurous) if they know it’s name. This is a socials(leadership) check vs socials(subterfuge) if the creature is unwilling. They can ask synergy questions of the creature which it will answer honestly after that it’s free to go, wraiths will return to the underworld spectres may attack.

Level 4

  • Create fetter: By spending a plasm and a willpower the geist can instantly(this casts instantly) create a fetter for a ghost in the scene, or they themselves can become the fetter. The wraith still has to pay XP for the fetter if it’s a player but does not have to take actions.
  • Consult the onyx tower: Cast as a bluebook action this allows you to consult the dead’s libraries, if you cast this ritual you act as if you had library 3(wraith lore and academics) for the night.

Level 5

  • Bestow the regalia: This ritual can only be cast once per krewe the ritual increases the synergy of 1 key for members of the krewe by 1, that key is their regalia key, if it is taken from any of the members of the krewe the ritual fades.
  • Open Avernian gate: Opens an Avernian gate in the location, allowing anyone present to enter the deadlands through the autochthonous depths. The gate stays open for 5 minutes.