Burdens and Archetypes

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The Thing Your ghost is most angry about. At character creation you pick a single burden and archetype. Your burden and your archetype determine your 2 starting keys(one at 3, one at 2, either tree). Each burden has an urge which causes you to make a self-control check or follow the urge's instructions. Each archetype has an advantage.

The Hungry: Those who died unwilling to let go of what they treasured in life.

  • Key: Key of Blood
  • Urge: Urge to Collect Choose a type of Item. When you come into contact with it you must make a self control or immediately try to obtain it. You can resist for 3 willpower, or become catatonic for the scene if you really don't want to do it. As you gain Synergy you must add more things to the list. Paintings, babies, Watches, Piercings, would all count. It must be something someone cares about. It can only trigger once per scene.

The Abiding: Those who feeling like they had unfinished business

  • Key: Key of Passage
  • Urge: Urge to Help: A single motivation must be chosen. To Grow, to love, to have a family, etc. When you come across someone exhibiting that emotion you must make a self-control or immediately drop everything to help them accomplish their goal. Can be resisted with 3 willpower

The Vengeful: Ghost who died with feelings of hate for the living.

  • Key: Key of Beasts
  • Urge: Urge for revenge: Choose a type of item or type of person(banker, lawyer etc) when you come into contact with it you try to destroy it, or make diff synergy self-control. You can resist with 2 willpower.

The Bereaved: Ghost who are defined by their loneliness and longing.

  • Key: Key of Stillness
  • Urge: Urge for Depression: Choose a type of upsetting scene or topic. When you come into contact with said topic then you must be make a self control or be rendered uncontrollably upset and unable to take actions for 5 minutes. You may resist by spending 2 willpower.

The Kindly: Ghost who are defined by the inability to atone for their sins.

  • Key: Key of Disease
  • Urge: Urge for Sin: Whenever someone asks for help either righting a wrong they committed or help with procuring a sin ( drugs, alcohol etc) They must make a self control check or drop everything to help them. You may resist by spending 3 willpower

The Archetypes:

The type of person your sin-eater is.

Furies: Those who seek to right wrongs.

  • Key: Key of Pyre Flame
  • Advantage: Swift justice: You can add your media influence to any search for action 1 to 1, +1 media.

Mourners: Those who mourn the lost.

  • Key: Key of Deep waters.
  • Advantage: The sea’s bookshelf: You get +1 dot of library at cc, and growing the library background takes half as long for you.

Pilgrims: Those who view death as a personal journey

  • Key: Key of Cold Wind
  • Advantage: The ghosts we made along the way: Growing Ally takes half as long for you. +1 dot ally.

Necropolitans: Those who seek to connect the dead with one another

  • Key: Key of Chance
  • Advantage: friends in low places: +1 dot of contacts at cc, growing contacts takes half as long for you.

Undertakers: View death as an analytical place to understand the forces of life and death.

  • Key: Key Grave Dirt
  • Advantage: Labyrinth resistance: You have made such studies that when you enter a labyrinth realm you are immune to one old law there of your choice, difficulty of navigating the labyrinth’s maze is reduced by one for you. +1 dot haunt.