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Each krewe is a group of Geists that has are bound together by common cause, and speciality.

Example Krewes

Bikers for the dead(Krewe Action: Travel, Krewe Skill: Drive)

Swords of the damned(Krewe Action: Craft, Krewe Skill: Melee)

Hades Therapists(Krewe Action: Ferry, Krewe Skill: Empathy)

A krewe can contain any number of geists but must contain a minimum of 3.

Forming a Krewe requires the Krewe Binding ceremony.

Krewes Benefits: When a Krewe is formed they pick a action and a single skill.

The krewe also gets a bonus bluebook called the Krewe action.

Specialties for the Krewe skill count for 2 instead of 1.

Krewe Helps Krewe : During the Helper Tick geists with members of their krewe present may choose 1 of the following benefits to gain, equal to their synergy/2(round up).

  • Heal 2 Damage
  • Refresh 1 skill
  • Regain 1 plasm
  • Gain 1 phantom retest for the next round.
  • Get +2 traits to their next action.

Being with a member of your Krewe reduces the difficulty of Urge checks by one.