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Vampires have terrible supernatural powers that give the ability to do everything from change their form, to bending the mind of their victims and enemies, to summoning forth powerful blood sorcery. These powers are known as disciplines. In Eden, many disciplines have been refined for the purpose of balance and fun. The 'Core Eight' Disciplines are Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Presence, and Potence.

For this new game, we are taking a new approach to many of the disciplines, taking some major cues from Vampire 5th edition. Several Disciplines have been folded into one another and many disciplines have multiple levels 5 powers. Some disciplines split at 3 instead. We aren't intending to have level 6 powers available to PCs.

Master Level powers: There are three powers for many Level 5's. You can learn whatever level 5 you want and you can even learn multiple of them. Each level 5 of the same Discipline you learn after the 1st gives you the benefit of all cost reductions (so -3)

You do not receive additional passive traits, but do receive the health levels from Fortitude and the Steps from Celerity.

Core 8 Disciplines:

Animalism : communication with beasts of all sizes.

Auspex : supernatural senses and extended perception.

Celerity : preternatural speed and reflexes.

Dominate: mind control and command.

Fortitude: supernatural endurance and resistance.

Obfuscate: personal concealment.

Potence: supernatural physical prowess.

Presence: supernatural charm and attraction.

Uncommon Disciplines: These powers are not part of the core 8 but also do not utilize the energy of any other plane of existence... as far as people know. There are no limitations on a kindred who learns them or on teaching them, except maybe socially.

Dementation : insanity to achieve insight or inflict madness.

Protean: powers of shapeshifting

Blood Sorcery: A myriad of powers that allow the kindred to shape their blood into magical effects

Vicissitude: the reshaping of flesh and bone.

Visceratika: The powers of stone and subterfuge practiced by the Gargoyles

Caitiff Disciplines: A collection of powers recently crafted by the Thin-Bloods

Sanguinous: Thought to be a refinement of Vicissitude, utilized by the Blood Brothers.

Flight: The gift of Flight, only useable by Gargoyles

Spirit Disciplines: These Disciplines can only be used by kindred who have aligned themselves with a certain spiritual plane.

Kai: The result of a western kindred successfully following aa Dharmic Path. Finding a teacher is difficult, but has become easier since the Free Los Angeles. In Japan it is practiced by the Gaki clan, who do not seem to have any limitations in using it, as other kindred do.

Abombwe: A rare sight in the Americas, Abombwe's true nature is only understood by kindred hailing from the Ebony Kingdoms.

Daimoinon: demonic black arts of the Baali, Can only be used by Vampire with low humanity or who are following an especially evil path of enlightenment and have made a pact with a powerful demon or Earthbound. Baali are inherently evil and can use Daimoinon without a pact, though most serve a demon anyway.

Bardo: Discipline dealing with life and enlightenment practiced by a defunct order of kindred. Can be learned by anyone but can only be used by kindred with perfect humanity or path of heaven 4+. It requires a pact with one of a small set of spirits who are good and don't refuse to speak with vampires.

Mytherceria: The result of a vampire making a pact with a Fey. Kiyasid are born with such a pact.

Obeah/ Valeren /Visa: The use of High Umbral energies to heal, harm, or see. The Salubri are born with such a pact, though their obeah can change if their personality undergoes a drastic shift.

Melpomene: Communes with the "Fated Harmonies," Daughters of Cacophony and Sons of Discord are created with such a connection

Oblivion: control over shadows and the Abyss, and necromantic arts. Not a pact in the traditional sense, but learning the discipline does invite a small shard of the Abyss into yourself.

 Oblivion Rituals

Removed or Merged Disciplines

Quietus: Now a Thaumaturgy path

Serpentis: Fused with Protean

Thanatosis: Part of Oblivion

Valeren: Warrior Obeah

Obtenebration: Oblivion

Necromancy: Oblivion and a Casting Style of Thaumaturgy

Chimerstry: Is now a path of Thaumaturgy

Spiritus: Ripped to Shreds

Temporis: Lost in the Sands of time

Ogham: is a Koldonic Sorcery