Blood Sorcery

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Blood Sorcery:

Blood Sorcery is the art of using blood to produce a variety of effects. It is a versatile use of blood that requires being trained in a specific style. To use Blood sorcery, you must have a Casting Style Merit.

With the 2023 Dynamic Sorcery update, many paths changed to be quite dissimilar from their tabletop counterparts. Please make sure to read the paths.

Some paths also received alternate level 5's based on casting style. A character can learn all the level 5's but will always learn level 5 of their casting style first. They may then learn the other ones by buying level 5 again as though it was any other Discipline. Obertus receive an additional discount on purchasing multiple 5's fo Koldonics as part of their clan advantage.

Blood Sorcery Chart

Anarch Blood Sorcery
Koldonics (Tzimisce)
Hermetic Magic (Tremere)
Dark Thaumaturgy
Necromancy Casting
Sabbat Casting
Rift Casting
Setite Sorcery

Complete list of Paths