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How to send blue books/ Blue books template

Click the one to see Number breakdowns and systems for growth [1]

For Eden Calling Bluebooks we are going to rely on a resource called time. Time represents a character's ability to perform actions over the course of a given month. Time is measured in actions. Each Kindred has 2 actions per month. They get a bonus action based on their clan (See clans). Kindred with a road rating of 3 or higher get an additional action and kindred with road rating of 4 and higher get yet another action. Each action can be used to perform one of the following tasks.

Some Actions take blood. See Blood and You

Grow an Influence: Used to grow an influence so long as there is room in the influence cap of the city. May apply multiple influences to grow a single influence. You may also grow someone else's influence. You get two points for each action and additional points for each influence spent on the action.

Attack an Influence: Use influence to attack another character's influence or the City’s cap. May use multiple influences as part of a single attack action.

Defend an Influence: Defend an influence against all attacks. Once initiated stay in effect until the defended influence is used again.

Hide an Influence: Make influence not show up on Monitor actions or hide the use of an attack action one time. Once initiated stay in effect until the hidden influence is used again. Can also be used to help hide a Live-Fire action.

Transfer an Influence: Transfer an influence to another character. Loses one in the transfer.

Monitor an Influence: Get a list of who else is involved in the influence. Influence Dots spent increase the quality of information. (Monitoring Resort influence gives you a map of all Resort influences)

Projects: Some projects require stupendous amounts of money and influence to complete. If you are contributing your influence to a city-wide project, simply note which influences and/or how much money and to who's project at the bottom of your bluebooks(No action required). Influences contributed to projects cannot be used for other actions. Staff will determine what projects are city-wide, some projects require a target number of actions in addition to require whatever their base requirements are.

Grow a Background: Attempting to get more dots of a background. Will require explanation.

Train Retainer: You can trade one action for one experience being added to any retainers sheet. (Does not apply to vampiric retainers)

Train: Required to learn something. One train action can be used to learn up to 3 different things.

Live-Fire: Can be taken in addition to Train action. Applies only to one thing that you are learning. See Experience for more details.

Cast Ritual:: Rituals that say they require an action to cast require the caster to take this action.

Hunt Gives you two points of blood to spend during this bluebook period.

Craft: Crafting an item using the craft skills or rituals. in general, creating any type of item is this kind of action

Lab Construction: Creating a lab for the purpose of training anything but merits cost 10k. Trains only a single level of a chosen discipline but all levels of skills/ attributes. Costs 5k if the person has Craft Equipment 5 with a 'Lab' as a specialty.

Haven Reinforcement: Increase the rating of one's haven background. Uses Milestones similar to Research.

Scourging a territory: If looking for something in an area this is the type of action you want to take. Declare what you are looking for and where: Orlando or Tampa. When you take the scourge action you may bring up to two people with you to the area you are attempting to scourge, without them having to take an additional scourge action. See Scourging and Searching

Research; Discipline, Thaum, Rituals, Combo Disciplines, Necromancy, Spawning pit, Madness Net, Abyss Mysticism, etc: Researching. Every time a character takes this action they accrue one research point. Multiple kindred can collaborate on a single research project. Please see this document for the research breakdown and milestones [2]

Search For: Search for ____ action is used when your character is trying to find a particular item, a trainer, or a person using your collected contacts. Other backgrounds Allies, clan friendship, Contacts, etc. Will be taken into account in determining the number of actions needed to spend in order to find a thing. If something is too rare or a character has too few contacts then this action can simply fail. The total number of actions needed to be spent is set by staff and logged by the research narrator. * In regard to trainers* Just finding them does not mean they will train you, just that you can begin talking to them. Levels of contacts, clan friendship, and clan status reduce the target numbers by one each (minimum 1). Holding the position of Harpy also reduces this number by one. Sample Difficulty

Learn Ritual: Learn a ritual you qualify to learn

Meditation, Relaxation, and Focus: Can be used to raise a path rating. Requires a number of actions equal to 3x the desired rating. Only costs 2x the desired rating if you are restoring a lost level.

Travel: The travel action is used whenever a kindred wants to travel outside their city’s limits to do something. This will often require a scene but not always. If someone wants to travel outside the continental US then they must take two travel actions. The travel action covers the trip back. You will be asked to make a travel chop. The difficulty of travel chops is always secret and is decided by the staff when you decide to travel. Travel influence can be used to reduce the difficulty on a 1 to 1 basis but can never be triple overbid.

Bank: This action lets you take your leftover resources from a month and put them on your sheet as equipment, when you perma-burn a level of resources take this action.

Gather News: This action is used to gather news from a community. This can be Harpys, intra-clan, or from a specific domain. You cannot use this action on the vampires of Central Florida ( Doing so is a free action called bother them on discord or in person.) The quality of information gleaned will be dependent on # of actions spent, and levels of relevant backgrounds.

Science!: This action is used when a player wishes to use either of the Science skills to attempt to lower the check of another applicable bluebook action such as Craft.

Long Phone Call: This action is used when you'd like to speak to an NPC outside the domain before game for an extended period of time. Spend the action and one of the staff will get back to you in-character as the NPC. Sometimes requires Search For actions before-hand if the NPC isn't likely to return your call.

Other: anything else that you want to do between that will have a mechanical or narrative effect on the game.

A player can take the same action multiple times but this doesn't give them more uses of a particular influence. If you used all your influence growing in your first action, you can't take an attack action. In addition, when you send this in you may also send in your exp expenditures even if you aren't Live Firing.