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Experience Characters earn 5 Exp each month. They earn this exp whether or not they show up to game.

Diablerie Committing Diablerie only gives 1 extra experience unless the diablerie results in a generation decrease. Diableries that result in a generation drop grant 4 exp. In addition Diablerie Always results in degeneration.

No secondary or tertiary characters receive experience. If a character in unable to be played for any reason a player may choose to assign his exp to that character. After 3 months of not being played the player can no longer assign exp to the benched character.

If a player has to stop playing, his primary character accrues 3 exp each month the character is shelved for.

Characters playing Fledglings receive an additional 10 freebies 6 months after their start date. and another 10 freebies at their 1 year anniversary.

Characters playing Early Neonates receive an additional 5 freebies 6 months after their start date and another 5 freebies at their 1 year anniversary.

Experience Costs

Spending You can only increase a specific skill, Discipline, virtue etc. by one per month, though you can learn multiple different things in a month. You must take a Train Action to learn anything, when you take the Train Action you may learn 3 different things at a time.

Instructors. The costs below assume that the character has a trainer for whatever the thing they are trying to learn is. Powers that are not "in-clan" for the supernatural, lores, and merits cannot be learned without a teacher,(rituals have their own learning rules) finding a teacher for a lore is generally a 1-3 action search for action.

Exceptional Instructors.

If a trainer is a master of the thing he is trying to teach (5 dots or 10d dots, depending) then reduce the cost by one. (Not one per level, One)

Things that are levelless (combo disciplines, rituals, Merits) can be reduced by one exp per teaching enhancement, as long as the teacher has the thing being taught.

Teaching enhancements

Labs: Labs can be bought for anything except merits. The labs cost 10k. Labs are designed to teach a specific thing. If a character has access to a lab for the thing they are learning they reduce the cost of the thing being learned by one. A lab can be used for all levels of a skill, willpower, traits, virtues. But for Disciplines and Thaum, a separate lab must be purchased for every level or power.

Live-Fire Provides a one-point discount. However anytime you take a learn action you must make a simple chop with staff. On a loss, you come into play down Four willpower. On a Tie you come in down 2 will power. On a loss, there is also a second chop. If you fail that chop you have done something that causes a masquerade issue you are unable to cover (caught on camera using discipline is the most common.) If you miss the game following taking the Live Fire the chop carries with you to the next game you attend. Only you can take the action, no one can take it for you. Live Fire represents doing something dangerous to bring back the thrill of life and make you learn like humans do for a brief moment. If it's not life-threatening in some way, it's not live-fire. If you take more than one live-fire in a month you still only make one chop but the effects of failure double or triple (Both the willpower loss and the masquerade breach size. If willpower hits zero you automatically fail the chop.) These chops must be made with Gary prior to entering the game. You can take a Hide action for your Live Fire action. Each Hide action gives you an additional chop to avoid breaking the masquerade.

  Merit: Expert Teacher: When a character with the Expert Teacher merit is teaching someone, they always act as though they are an expert (5 dots) at the thing they are teaching so long as they have more dots than the student. This is a level 3 merit. 

Manuals: Manuals can count as normal teachers or expert teachers, depending on the quality of the manual. Regular Manuals, allow the thing to be learned. Superb manuals provide the Expert teacher reduction

Nothing can be reduced below half its normal cost

Cost Chart

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Trait Cost(Freebie) Cost(Experience)
Attribute 1 1-10=1 / 11-20=2
Ability 1 2x Desired Rating
Specialty 1 1
A lab 1 N/A
Background 2 N/A
Virtue 2 3x Desired Rating
Willpower 2 Desired rating +1
Humanity/ Path Rating 2 3x Desired Rating
Swapping Paths or Branches or adding a branch 3 4. (Starts a new path at 1)
Discipline Level 1 In-Clan 3 4x Desired Rating (4)
Discipline Level 2 In-Clan 3 4x Desired Rating (8)
Discipline Level 3 In-Clan 6 4x Desired Rating (12)
Discipline Level 4 In-Clan 6 4x Desired Rating (16)
Discipline Level 5 In-Clan 9 4x Desired Rating (20)
Discipline Level 1 Out of Clan 4 6x Desired Rating (6)
Discipline Level 2 Out of Clan 4 6x Desired Rating (12)
Discipline Level 3 Out of Clan 7 6x Desired Rating (18)
Discipline Level 4 Out of Clan 7 6x Desired Rating (24)
Discipline Level 5 Out of Clan 10 6x Desired Rating (30)
Merits Equal to level of Merit 4x Merit Rating
Super Backgrounds (with approval) 10 N/A
Kibatsumenjutsu ( Brujah) 3 8
Kibatsumenjutsu (Not-Brujah) 6 12
Madness Rhythms 5 10
Flesh Crafted augments (personal) Half the number of experience in freebies Refer to the Chart
Salubri Seeking (Approval) 7 (Completed) 4 (To Attempt)
Gargoyle Rituals (Pre-carved) 3 5
Caitiff Discipline (Caitiff) 3, 4, 5 4 x Desired Rating
Caitiff Discipline (NonCaitiff) 5. 7, 10 7 x Desired rating

Spending Experience

All XP expenditures should be sent via the Discord to the EdencallingStaff account. Expenditures are due the same day as blue book actions each month. If your character is being taught something by another character, please have that player send a message to the account indicating what they are teaching or lending you or at the very least indicate who you are learning it from.

Please use the following template when sending a DM with your expenditure.

Name: Your character's name.

Learning: The thing you want to learn.

Instructor: See Instructors above

Expected Cost: # of XP or freebies being spent

Teaching Enhancements: Labs, Exceptional Instructors, live fire, etc.


Name: Alan Jefferson

Learning: Firearms 3

Instructor: firearms manual

Expected Cost: 6

Teaching Enhancements: none

Name: Willy the Weakling

Learning: Physicals 5

Instructor: Alan Jefferson

Expected Cost: 1

Teaching Enhancements: none

(Please make sure Alan declares that he'll be teaching you.)

Name: Barry the Ventrue

Learning: Dominate 2

Instructor: Larry the Ventrue

Expected Cost: 6

Teaching Enhancements: Expert Teacher, Larry’s Dominate 2 Lab

(Please make sure Larry declares that he'll be teaching you, as well as loaning out his lab!)

New Player Bonus Point