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1.What are Bluebooks.

Bluebooks are a system for determining what a character does between games. They can be used to grow backgrounds, change the nature of scenes, or affect the city as a whole. Discord message your bluebooks to the Eden Calling Blue books account for the staff to see them.

2. Actions.

Just like in the real world, people are limited in the number of things they can do in a day, a week, or a month. To represent this we use a resource referred to as “Time” in this game. Time is broken up into units referred to as actions. Players spend actions to accomplish tasks.

3. How many actions do I get?

The number of actions a character gets is determined by a few factors.

1: Every character gets two actions just for being alive

2: Vampires get an additional action based on their clan. This action must be of the type described in the “Time” section of the wiki.

3: All Members of the Camarilla (or vampires who mainly hang out in Camarilla cities/ act like members of the Camarilla) get an additional action for that. However, as a consequence, the Prince is one social up against any Vampire who takes said action. Cities with no Prince receive no benefit. Cities with a sitting Prince in Elysium also reduce the difficulty of all Self-control rolls in Elysium by one.

Sabbat cities get an additional live-fire or train action, all live-fire actions in sabbat domains have no willpower repercussions, their cities are more chaotic. The Bishop is one Physical trait up on all citizens who have ever taken the extra action.

Anarch Barons and Elders can initiate a project that requires 12 research points to (Create the Domain's Atmosphere.) The effect of the project allows them to choose a single action which the entire domain may take each month. The project must be carried out in its entirety only by the Baron, Heads of Gangs, or Members of a Council. This is a project of social engineering and can be opposed by members of the domain. It has a minimum of two months. After the first month, it will be announced that it is being enacted and the populous may respond. If successful the Baron is one social trait up against all members of his domain. The project will have a name like Commitment to self-betterment (Train) or Commitment to Safety (Scourge) or Commitment to Discovery (Research.) If the Baron ( or half the Council) is killed or replaced, then the commitment must be re-established.

4: Characters get one action for having a Road rated at 3 or above.

5: Characters get one additional action for having a Road rated at 4 or above.

4: What can I do with my actions?

Great question. You can do many different things based on the type of action you are taking. There are 15 types of actions detailed in the Time section of the wiki. If you don't feel like the action you want to take fits any of them just mark it as (Other) and we will talk it out.

Sample Bluebook

“Benny The Brujah” January 1998

Benny is a Brujah Scholar and has a lot of things to do with his month. He has a humanity of 4 so he gets 5 actions, one of which must be a live-fire or train action since he is a Brujah. Benny’s Email to staff looks like this.

“1) Grow Media Influence to 2” - I use my Media 1 and my Finance 3 to grow Media 2.

“2) Scourge” - I patrol Eastern Vegas looking for Changelings because I need to ask one some questions.

“3) Research” - I continue work on my Mytheceria / Oblivion combo discipline plan. I’m at 4 research points.

4) Grow Backgrounds - I want to grow my resources from 2 to 3. This is my second month doing it. You stated at game that it started as difficulty 5 so it should be down to a three now. Id like to make the finance check at game or through the discord.

“Clan) Train - Fortitude 4 - 24 XP


Rhonda the Ravnos January 1998

Rhonda is busy playing the influence game. She has a Humanity of 3 though so she has fewer actions than Benny.

“1) Grow High society Influence to 2” - I use my Media 3 and my Industry 3 to grow High society to 2.

“2) Hide Underworld influence” - With the DEA in town I decide to hide my police influence in case they try and root out corruption

“3) Attack Bennys Underworld with my police 2” -I use my Police 2 to attack Benny’s Underworld 3. I try and make the attack look like a DEA raid.

“Clan) Live Fire" - I live fire for Nate the Nosferatu, teaching him Animalism 3. He paid me a trivial.


Trevor the Tremere

Trevor cares very little about influences and instead spends his time Researching a new ritual Trevor has a Humanity of 3.

“1) Research” - I continue researching the level 5 ritual I have been working on. We talked about it at game and I sent you my rough draft, After this month I should have accrued 8 research points.

“2) Research” See Action 1

“3) Grow backgrounds” I want to grow my occult library from 2-3. I use my occult influence of 3 and my transportation 3 to do so.

“Clan) Research” See action 1