Character Creation Guide

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Character Creation Guide

We use templates for pretty much every character. The Fledgling Template is Linked Below. Before Filling it out Contact staff via the discord or Email. If you've played before you probably have a better template.

The steps to filling it out

  • First come up with a concept for your character. Who were they in life? Why did someone make them a Vampire?
  • Next ask staff if there is anyone looking for a child. Having a Sire ( Someone who made you into a Vampire) present can be super helpful to navigating the game
  • Ask staff for an age template and we'll assign one for you. Now that you have your template. Start by filling out the Top Portion. Staff will assign you a Generation and you should choose a Clan
  • Next look at your attributes. They are marked Physical Mental Social. You get a 7 a 5 and a 3 to assign to each, along with a few extra points to assign as you see fit. The number of extra points is listed on your Template. Your Maxes are determined by your Generation
  • After that is Abilities. You have some starting points in abilities ( Denoted by numbers already assigned there.) The number listed to the word Abilities is the number of Free ability points you have to assign to your abilities. If you have a concept in mind, ask Staff what skills you may need to fulfill this concept. The max of all abilities is 5
  • Next up is, Virtues, Road and Willpower. Your willpower is basically a measurement of how hard your character can try in a night. Your Road is a representation of your morality. If its your first character you will probably be on Road of Humanity. Virtues are right below that. You start with one point in every virtue and then have an additional number of Free points to place listed next to the word Virtue.
  • Virtues are rated from 1-5. They are Courage, Conscience, and Self Control. When you were human you had a 4th virtue, Compassion, but since you're dead, you lost that one. Courage is Bravery. Conscience is you ability to understand how your actions affect others and Self-control is your ability to restrain the monster inside you. Place the dots as you want. You willpower is based on your courage, and your starting Road rating is equal to your (Self-control + Conscience/2)
  • Next is Disciplines. Disciplines are marked I, B, or O. I refers to your In-Clans. Each Clan has a set of disciplines it is better at, those are your In-Clans. B means Basic. Basics refer to the Core - 8 Disciplines. O means Out of Clan. It means any discipline is fine for that slot. You have some pre-assigned discipline dots and some free levels to assign, listed next to the word disciplines. All Disciplines max at 5, but you can have multiple level 5s if you spend for them.
  • Finally You have a number of Freebies Points to spend to flesh out your character. Freebie Chart
  • You get a 1 dot and 2 dot piece of equipment for each dot of resources you possess.

Take a look at Merits and Flaws if you want. Some give you more Freebies.

Fledgling Sheet

Neonate Sheet

Ancilla Sheet

Elder Sheet