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Everything has a spirit. Spirits embody the world around us. Most spirits are fairly weak and do not possess the ability to manifest. They can be talked to using spirit manipulation or by going into the middle umbra. By in large spirits do not care about the same things you and I care about. They care about what they are designed to care about or what their creature type cares about.

Example. Tree spirits are unlikely to be able to discern the differences between two humans or even a Human and a dog if they are very young, but very able to tell you exactly when they get the best sunlight, Where the bugs are at in them, and which other trees they wish would die so they could get more sun.

Second Example: THe Spirit of a popular food chain location with a clown mascot that has been around for 5-6 years. Will be able to distinguish groups of people, by which type of meal they are likely to buy, whether or not they are diabetic. They can also tell you about money, and whether or not people look hungry. They mostly concern themselves with feeding the hungry, making people unhealthy, and making money.

Third Example: The spirit of the state capital building will be able to go on and on about building codes, laws, debates, and other topics, but their ability to tell you about individuals will be severely lacking. They see people as numbers, parts of a larger whole.

Traits Spirits In general have max traits equal to their (Essence or Age) x 5 whichever is higher.

They have health levels equal to (Essence x 5), and Essence pool equal to (Essence x 6).

Their Max willpower is 10, plus (2 x Essence).

Rank/Age 0 spirits have 2 traits in everything, 2 essence, 3 willpower, and 3 health levels.

Perfection Spirits can call their true max traits(2x base) and win ties on a challenge that is of their nature by spending an essence and a willpower. Things that are of their nature is generally 1 skill, and things that spirit is really good at, some examples are listed below.

All spirits: (Skill:Occult) Kicking you out of their domain.

Rock spirits: (Skill:Defense) Not breaking.

Street spirits: (Skill:Survival) Not getting lost on their street.

War Spirits: (Skill:Melee/Brawl) Kicking your ass.

Spirits are comprised of Three ratings. Age - Power - Mindset. Their powers are called Invocations.

Age: Intelligence of the Spirit

* 0: Young Spirit less than 2 years old. These spirits are dumb. Dumb as a rock comes to mind ( Infant)

* 1: Still young 2-7 years. The spirit is likely able to understand complex nouns and sentences. Though he likely cannot understand that life forms are different from whatever it is. ( child 3-4)

* 2: Medium age 10 - 100. The spirit can understand that there are distinct beings besides it's type but it probably doesn't pay them much mind. (child 8+)

* 3 Teenager-esque. Only cares about what it cares about but surprisingly perceptive about it. (Spirits from here on out could be nodes.)

* 4 College-Aged.

* 5 Adult.

* 6 Elder

Essence: Strength of the spirit - How much people care about it. zeros are disposable things, sixes are concepts that tons of people care about, or die for.

* 0: Pebbles, anything you can buy at Ikea, Burritos

* 1: Local Shrines, Old Trees, Beloved Stores, Your average statue

* 2: Historic Buildings, Joyeuse, Churches

* 3 Culturally significant Buildings, Average Theme parks,

* 4 Excalibur, The First of something important, The Uss Constitution

* 5 Star wars, The Capital Building,

* 6 The Us Government, Mickey Mouse, Mcdonald, World heritage sites.

* 7 Zeus, Mount Everest, the almighty dolla.

* 8 The concept of Evil, The concept of Jesus.

* 9 Planetary Incarnae, Fera Totem spirits

* 10 The Wyrm, The Weaver, Luna.

Mindset/ Aspect: Way the spirit thinks. Spirits arent people. They don't think like people. They can have multiple ways of viewing the world.

  • Humanintas: Thinks more like a person than other spirits. Has human mannerisms.
  • Ephemeral: Thinks erraticly and flits from topic to topic, Wyld aspected. Closest to Changelings.
  • Mechanoi: Thinks more like a Machine: Weaver aspected. Robotic. Closest to Demons.
  • Fated: Speaks in proverbs like a seer or a prophet. Closest to Mages.
  • Natural: Nature aspect. Keeping in tune with nature. Most are owned by Garou.
  • Death: Entropy aspected. Depressed. Closest to Vampires and Wraiths.
  • Demonic: Evil Wyrm tainted. Closest to Vampires and other agents of supernatural evil. Is evil. 1/4 of all sprits are Demonically aspect