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Ghouls are created by Vampires. You cannot bring ghouls to the scenes with you. Ghouls don't need sheets unless they are Guard or Investigation Ghouls. Ghouls can be sent to a scene but they might die. The ghoul sheet is below. All ghouls get 10 exp on the anniversary of the game each year.( October) For more information on retainers, see Backgrounds#Retainers-_Asset.

Ghouls have a Blood Pool of 3 and can have discipline levels equal to their Regnants ( Vampire they are ghouled to's) Max-2.


Revenants are Ghouls who produce their own kindred vitae due to years of breeding. Revenants have a blood pool of 5. Revenants can naturally hold up to level 2 disciplines without a Regnant. With a master, they follow ghoul rules for how high their disciplines can go.


The children of Vampires and Mortals. Dhampir have max traits equal to their vampiric parents -1 all around and have a blood pool of 5. They can learn up to level 2 disciplines and take no damage from sunlight.