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Backgrounds are now rated one (O) to three (OOO).

Super Backgrounds are binary. They represent a far more powerful version of the regular background and require far more actions/ freebies to be spent acquiring them, or freebies to be spent acquiring them. (They also require ST approval which usually will not be given.) There are limits on the number of people who can have some super backgrounds. You must have your characters maximum rating in a background before buying the super background. There may also be a story roadblock in your way to acquiring the super background.

Allies- Relationship

Allies can represent mortal contacts or membership into a supernatural organization. Allies are in general more powerful per-point than retainers but they will also expect things in return. Allies can be asked for a variety of things. The rating of the Ally will decide what they can and can't do. Allies give the player an additional action. However, this action will be accompanied by a cost or the ally asking for something in return.

O: Mortal Police Captain, Neonate Vampire with no real political power.

OO: Connected Neonate, Low-Rank Garou.

OOO: Connected Ancilla, Someone in the state government, Fledgling Mage.

Super Background

Elder Ally: Elder Vampire, National Government/ sect member, Important Garou. Grants a free Gather News action each month.

Limits: None

Contacts - Relationship

Contacts represent a source of reliable information. The information may still cost something but the Contact will always answer. If you want to use a contact make a test. You have retests equal to your level of contact and the Staffer assigns a difficulty to the check (1-3) based on how likely your contact is to know the requested information. Each contact must be given a name and a short description. In addition, for each level of contact, you may ask a staffer to send you the news for a random influence before game.

O: Private Investigator, Member of Sabbat.

OO: Important sabbat or camarilla official.

OOO: Member of another supernatural group, Member of a national organization.

Super Background

Web of Influence: Your contacts are not just a single person but a whole web of people. Your level of contacts is doubled for tests and you may always grab all the News Slips.

Limits: None.

Mentor- Relationship

Each Mentor can teach a variety of things. The things a mentor can teach are determined by the level of the mentor. The Mentor reduces the Exp cost by one. The Mentor acts like an ally and will request things from the character in exchange for continued support. When using a Mentor you cannot apply labs, live fire, or expert teachers.

O: Two Skills, Virtues, Willpower, One Core 8 Discipline, One Uncommon Discipline - Reduced by 1.

OO: Three Skills, Virtues, Willpower, Two Core 8 Disciplines, One Rare Discipline - Reduced by 1.

OOO: Five Skills, Virtues, Willpower, Four Core 8 Disciplines, One Rare Discipline - Reduced by 1

Super Background

Coach: Your coach arranges for you to learn whatever you need at a -1 reduction.

(Just because you don't have mentor doesn't mean you don't have clan contacts, faction contacts, or miscellaneous contacts who can teach you things, they just won't do it for free.)

Limits: none


Retainers are people who work directly for your character in exchange for some sort of payment or a sense of loyalty. Each Retainer must be classified as one of the following types. The type declares what the retainer can do. (In general Retainers cannot show up to scenes because that is a pain for the staffers to run. Keep that in mind when setting up your retainers.) You can't have more retainers than your Leadership. Animals can only be Guard or Investigation Ghouls and as they are animals, require Animal Ken instead of Leadership.

O- One Retainer

OO - Three Retainers

OOO - Five Retainers

Retainer Types


  • Knowledge retainers know things. They can provide you an additional skill retest on a check to Lores, Occult, Politics, Academics, Science, or Medicine. Each knowledge retainer gives a retest on a different skill. (only callable 1x per night)


  • Guard retainers are charged with protecting an area. A sheet is required for them.


  • Investigation retainers can be sent to perform tasks separate from the player. A sheet is required for this type of retainer. When sent to do something they can die. Gives a +1 on the search for Action.


  • Influence retainers can be assigned to an influence you have. They count as +2 integrity when trying to grow. Only one influence retainer can be assigned per influence.


  • Blood retainers… go get blood for their master. They must be ghouls. Each blood retainer can produce one blood per week for her master.


  • Research retainers add an additional point to the research total when at least 2 actions are spent on research on the same project in the same month. A single research project cannot benefit from more than one retainer per month.


  • Necessary if a vampire has Influence: Dominance. Manages businesses for the vampire. Also provides a +2 bonus to Attack actions. Similar to Influence retainers only one management retainer can be assigned per influence you have.


  • Grants an additional action that can only be used to take the Bank action. It still needs to be listed in your actions.


  • Grants a free Train Retainer action each month.


  • This retainer is entirely flavor and will never provide the player any mechanical benefit in any way. They still count against the cap for retainers.

Super Background

Vassals: The Vassals Background, Doubles the number of Retainers the character can have. . An action must still be spent to acquire each individual.

Limits: Each person who has this in the game increases the number of hunters

Alternate Identity - Relationship

With Alternate Identity, each dot represents a persona the kindred can take on. Each dot represents another persona complete with look, and government records.

Super Background

Infinite Faces: You have records, licenses, and full identities that match to every ability you possess at 3 or above.

Limits: None

Insight - Asset

Insight is only available to kindred of the 12th generation or higher. The Kindred can sometimes see visions of the future. The Kindred can spend a point of insight for one of the following effects by spending a temporary point of Insight. If the kindred ever attains the 11th generation or lower they lose all points of Insight.

Insight into the future (this usually takes the form of unclear visions)

Extra skill retest (as per oracular ability)

Asking the GM for a danger rating of something they are about to do ( Red, Yellow, or Green.)

Fame - Relationship

Kindred with Fame are famous. Fame has a variety of effects positive and negative. At levels one and two the kindred must select an influence in which they are famous. At level 3 they are well known everywhere. You may be recognized in scenes by NPCs.

X: None: No one knows who you are.

O: Local: Your influence actions have two extra integrity points of effectiveness when using influence from your chosen field.

OO: City: Your influence can be applied to nearby cities with no loss of power.

OOO:Regional: You can grow influence in other cities with no degradation. Also, you get four extra integrity points worth of effect when using your chosen influence.

Super Background

Celeb: You are known the world over. Any bluebook action that deals with the mortal populace gain one additional point of effectiveness from any action.

Limits: None, but there will be consequences.

Clan Prestige - Relationship

Clan Prestige represents respect and notoriety within your own clan. There are few mechanics to represent this but NPCs from your clan will be more likely to listen to what you have to say. It also affects the Search For action. You can have Clan prestige in other clans but it must be built for you by someone in that clan. This is still mostly soft with no real rules attached to it. Can also be purchased for a Sect. Your mileage may vary as to how much a given clan or sect truly cares.

O: Respected

OO: Honored

OOO: Elite

Super Background

Luminary: You are trusted with the deepest secrets the clan has.

Limits: One per Clan/Sect per game.

Resources - Asset

Resources represents the amount of capital a Vampire has to burn in a month. These numbers are lower than you might expect for a variety of reasons. Resources is a representation of capital wealth, something the Camarilla has in spades and that the Anarchy is relatively lacking so the lowered Resources number is representative of that. Perma-burning any level of resources takes a bank action.

X (None): You scrounge and scrape just enough to get by, whether it be a minimum wage job or panhandling, or one of those people who stand outside of WaWa needing just enough gas to get home. You have $100 available in spare cash. If you live in an apartment, you have roommates and you have a bus pass and bicycle for transportation needs. You can not perma-burn your resources.

O (Moderate): You can display yourself as a member in good standing of the middle class. You maintain a modest living style and most modern convenience items. You have $1000 available in spare cash. You have your own apartment or condo and you have a motorcycle or a used car for transportation needs. You could perma-burn your resources for $10,000.

OO (Comfortable): You are a prominent and established member of your community. You have $5000 available in spare cash. You own a house and a new car, and could even take a yearly trip to Disney World if you wanted to. could perma-burn your resources for $50,000.

OOO (Rich): Most of your assets are more valuable and stable than paper money. You own an estate or multiple small properties furnished with many modern luxuries. You have $10,000 available in spare cash. You could perma-burn your resources for $100,000.

Super Background

Wealth: You have insane amounts of money. You could live in the penthouse of a five star hotel for as long as you want and throw a private yacht party for everyone in the domain for a week straight. You may spend $50,000 in addition to your regular resources each month. You may perma-burn Wealth for 1 million dollars.

Herd - Asset

Herd is nice and simple, it is the amount of blood that a vampire can call on each month.

X: You must run a feeding scene with a staff member and have no blood to draw on during sessions.

O: You have access to enough blood that you do not need to take feeding actions.but you have no additional blood to draw on during sessions or for your bluebook actions.

OO: You have access to enough blood that you do not need to take feeding actions.and you have 3 additional blood that you can draw on during sessions or for your bluebook actions. You also have enough blood to perform 2 rituals that require blood, during the month.

OOO: You have access to enough blood that you do not need to take feeding actions and you have 5 additional blood that you can draw on during sessions or for your bluebook actions. You also have enough blood to perform 4 rituals that require blood during the month.

Super Background

Farm: You have access to numerous humans. You do not have to take feeding actions and you have 15 additional blood that you can draw on during sessions or for your bluebook actions. You can perform up to 15 rituals that require blood during the month Limits: Each person who has this in the game increases the number of hunters

Library - Asset

A library represents a collection of books, scrolls, writings, and devices of occult or mystic significance. The effects of a library and what it can be used for vary with the number of dots. The effects are cumulative. The Library must be attached to a lore or skill when the first dot is purchased. In addition, if anyone ever breaks into your library they will have access to all of the things your character has researched.

(As a change for Eden Calling, all lores will use the library instead of normal equipment.)

O: Interesting: At this level your library provides bonus traits when looking up information about the subject that your library is about. The trait bonus is equal to level.

OO: Incredible: when performing research actions. If you perform two in a month, the library causes that to count as three points instead of two so long as the library contains applicable information.

OOO: Priceless: The Library counts as an additional skill retest whenever seeking information.

Super Background

Archive: Grants one additional skill retest and doubles the trait bonus for the attached Lore check.

Limit: Is extremely dangerous to have. People will covet it and want to take it from you.

Haven - Asset

Haven represents the security and amenities of a Kindred's home. The difficult of all locks on the house and the difficulty to find the haven with search actions are increased as the rating raises.

X: You have no home, or quite possibly a broken van down by the river: No actions to find, difficulty 0 locks.

O:You have a house or apartment: 5 actions to find, difficulty 2 locks. Moderate security features (Alarms, Low Quality Cameras, etc)

OO: You have a secure facility 15 actions to find. Difficulty 4 locks. High security.(Guards, CCTV Systems, Trick rooms, etc)

OOO: You have a fortress. 25 actions to find Difficulty 5 locks. Extreme security.

Super Background

Compound: You must submit a custom floor plan to staff. Your locks are diff 6 and finding the place takes 50 actions. Security borders on fantastical.

Limit: None

Influence - Relationship

Influence represents the Kindred’s pull in the mortal world. There are 14 influences. Each one provides different benefits at each level. When you gain an influence you must define what area that influence is in.

Using Influence in Play

The benefits listed here can be used at game within reason, generally once or twice a session, higher levels of influence allows more use of the benefits. Some benefits like gaining money are immediate, some like gerrymandering/rezoning take longer. Using these benefits excessively "Taps" or exhausts the influence at game, such that the benefits can't be used again until the next game. Staff may also ask you to tap an influence to gain a piece of information relevant to a scene or answer a question you might have. This tapping is separate from influences' use in bluebooks.

Limit: Caps

Influences have a built in limit to number of total influence points players can hold which is called a "cap". Most caps are between 25-40 points and viewing the exact number is part of the Monitor action. 1s and 2s count for their value towards the cap, 3s count as 5 towards the cap. Dominance doesn’t count at all towards the cap and all influences with an active dominance raise the cap of that influence by 10 automatically, however the capacity to have a dominance does not raise the cap. Influences that go over cap will, after a few months over, create a crisis in that influence. Merely being over cap will not trigger the crisis though it will have an automatic penalty in that all player’s influence in the strained influence is treated as one dot less effective for everything. The crisis of the influence occurs if the influence remains over cap for at least 2 months where most players will lose at least an influence, potentially more depending on the severity (how far over the cap) of the crisis. At the start of the game no influence will be over cap.

Influence List


( Local Government)

  • Manipulate local elections
  • Trace bills
  • Fake a driver’s license / birth certificate
  • Close a Park


  • Fake a death certificate
  • Close a school
  • Turn a Utility on a block on off
  • Dinner with the Mayor of Orlando or Tampa
  • Promote an political agenda and have relevant people listen
  • Secure public funding for yourself ($250)


  • Enact minor state legislation
  • Manipulate state elections
  • Rezone areas/Gerrymander
  • Start, stop, or alter city-wide program/policy
  • Obliterate records of a person

Dominance - Government Rate: You gain access to government sponsored housing in a hotel of your choosing for yourself (Haven 1), and can rent hotels for anyone in the city sponsored by the local government for 3 months per person, at no cost to you. You can use your extra action from the dominance to take the Reinforce Haven action.


(Traditional Religions and Beliefs)

  • Identify most of the secular members of a given faith in the local area
  • Pass as a member of a clergy
  • Peruse general church records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.)


  • Open or close a single church/place of worship for a day, or use the site for your personal projects
  • Find the average church-associated hunter
  • Access to private information and archives of the church
  • Dip into the collection ($250)


  • Organize major religious protests
  • Access ancient church lore
  • Launder money through a church or religious organization
  • Prey on people’s faith to promote a product

Dominance - Leap of Faith: You can gain a Meeting with one of the hunter chapters. They won’t like you but they will listen to what you have to say. You can use your extra action to take the Meditate action.


( Banking and Stocks)

  • Learn about major transactions and financial events
  • Learn about general economic trends
  • Learn real motivations for basic financial actions of others
  • Raise Capital ($500/Month)


  • Trace an unsecured small account of money
  • Manipulate local banking (delay deposits, credit alterations).
  • Run a Local shop out of business.
  • Stock Trade(Basic): Instead of Raising Capital, you can bet money on stocks short term, Make a basic chop at the beginning of game, on a win you raise $1,500, on a loss or tie you gain nothing.


  • Control an aspect of citywide banking (shut off ATMs)
  • Spark an economic trend
  • Stock Trade(Risky): Instead of Raising Capital, you can bet money on stocks short term. Make a basic chop at the beginning of game, on a win you raise $10,000, on a loss or tie you lose $5,000, if you don’t have the money to pay for your loss, you automatically lose a dot of Finance Influence.

Dominance - Insider trading: You can bet Resources on the stock market. If you win the chop at the beginning of game, you double your money, but if you lose the chop you will lose double the money you bet. If you can’t pay, your Dominance will be lost and you will and drop to Finance 3. On a tie you lose nothing. You can use your additional action from the dominance to take the Bank action.


(Hospitals, Clinics, and Blood Banks)

  • Access a person's health records
  • Use public functions of health centers at your leisure
  • Obtain a trait of Blood


  • Access to some medical research records
  • Have minor lab work done
  • Get a copy of a coroner's report
  • Corrupt results of tests or inspections
  • Alter medical records


  • Acquire a body
  • Abuse grants for personal use ($250)
  • Shut down businesses for "health code violations"
  • Have special research projects performed
  • Have people institutionalized or released

Dominance - Healthy populous: Increases the Blood of the Territory you live in by 3. This gives everyone in the territory an extra blood to draw on between games and at game. You can use your extra action from the dominance to take the Hunt action.

High Society

( Parties, Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous)

  • Get into local events or restaurants
  • Sit in the front row of local events and tickets start getting sent to you
  • Get a private room at a club or large event space


  • Get into any party in Orlando/Tampa, you can influence local trends with your opinion
  • Backstage anywhere in Orlando/Tampa no questions asked
  • Use a club at your own discretion


  • Your table is always reserved and your seats are never taken. Resorts offer you an appearance fee ($1000) once per month to attend
  • Organize a major social protest
  • Appear or get someone onto late night TV

Dominance - Favors: You convert your haven into a private club, where powerful players in high society meet. Once per month you can ask a human NPC to apply their influence or background on your behalf. This gives you a phantom dot of any background a human could have for the month. You can use your extra action from your dominance to take the Grow Background action.


(Production of Goods and Materials)

  • Learn about industrial projects and movements
  • Acquire a sample of an inexpensive good (Board games, toys, etc)
  • Track a supply line


  • Organize minor labor strikes
  • Dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash ($250)
  • Acquire a sample of an expensive good or luxury good (Computer, Phone, a piece of expensive clothing)
  • Enter industrial factories without a badge


  • Organize a Boycott
  • Acquire industrial quantities of a material (a truck of lumber, a truck of a food or health product, Large quantities of refined elements or laboratory equipment)
  • Halt a supply line for up to a day

Dominance - I have that: You can produce any non-supernatural industrial good required for a research project. You can use the extra action from your dominance to take the Research action.


(Building and Infrastructure)

  • Have minor projects performed (Build a handicap access, get a plumber or electrician)
  • Acquire low-duty construction equipment (Power tools, shovels, etc)
  • Acquire a company truck for your personal use


  • Acquire heavy-duty construction equipment (Mixers, Trucks, Bulldozers, etc)
  • Sell Equipment ($500)
  • Perform minor “Accidents”
  • Live off the grid without utility bills in the system


  • Acquire approval for large-scale construction projects
  • Push a construction project through without any environmental or state resistance
  • Access housing developments or neighborhood power lines and equipment without drawing suspicion

Dominance - Can We Build It?: The extra action from your dominance can also be used to Build a Lab or take a Craft action, you still must pay all the costs for the lab.


  • (Television, Newspaper, and Radio)

  • Learn about breaking stories ahead of their publication
  • Submit small stories to local papers (within reason)
  • Get an interview with a journalist


  • Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports
  • Get hold of investigative reporting information
  • Initiate news investigations and reports
  • Get project funding and waste it ($250)
  • Get press credentials


  • Ground stories and projects
  • Broadcast fake news (local only)
  • Dictate the reaction of all local media to a single local event (Can be used to cover a single masquerade breach within a month)

Dominance - The Grapevine: You can use the extra action from your dominance to take the Gather News action. You can grab 3 news slips at the beginning of game from influences you don’t have.


(Hedge Magic Groups, Occult Shops)

  • You know some frauds and suckers and can acquire very basic ritual components that you could find in a specialty store
  • You know all the local ghost and supernatural sights
  • You can get a stage magician to show up to your events


  • You know where to find uncommon or industry ritual materials and can get access to small quantities of gold, silver or other metals you may need
  • You know some hedge mages who can maybe do proper magic on a good day
  • Gain a trait of blood for your various nefarious mystical deeds


  • You know people who can get you a live child as a ritual component no questions asked
  • You know real hedge mages and people who could possibly get you in contact with other super naturals such as kinfolk or the fae-blooded. It doesn't mean they'll talk to you though
  • Get a cultist to help you with a ritual

Dominance - Place of power: You’ve converted your Haven into a place of power making it into a level 1 Node with an Age 1 Essence 1 Mechanoi Spirit. It likes you AND listens to you! It has 10 in every attribute and lives inside your Haven, but it will not leave. It’s a hierarchy/civilization spirit and automatically knows, Master of the Home, and Lay of the Land. You can use the extra action from your dominance to take the Research action.

Emergency Services

(Police, Fire, Paramedics and the Coastguard)

  • Avoid traffic tickets
  • Redirect an ambulance/fire truck
  • Have license plates checked


  • Get info on police investigations
  • Halt an emergency response fire/ambulance/rescue/police
  • Call an emergency response rescue/fire/ambulance/police
  • Hear about emergencies before you would hear about it on the News


  • Fire emergency workers
  • Acquire police confiscated goods
  • Start a police investigation.
  • Call a full water or air rescue operation
  • Acquire a helicopter EMT crew or rescue boat for personal use
  • Have serious charges dropped

Dominance - Full Response: Delay or deploy the local national guard for a full emergency response. Can cover a large masquerade breach such as multiple elders fighting across city blocks, a full Sabbat invasion, volcanoes in Elysium, etc. Calling the national guard for a non-emergency response such as murdering your enemy, will result in an audit and an immediate drop of the Dominance to Emergency Services 0. You can use the extra action provided by the dominance to take the Search For action.


( Street is Low Society. low end Bars, and the Homeless)

  • Identify and avoid gang territory
  • Access small contraband
  • Get some rumors from the local bars


  • Live off the grid
  • Ask local homeless for rumors
  • Obtain small amounts of safe drugs


  • Commit a crime with “No witnesses” on your street
  • Run a small bar or homeless shelter at no cost to you
  • get a buisness to let you do an event at it.
  • Track down a thief

Dominance - Safe Streets: The danger of the territory you live decreases exponentially. You can use the extra action given from your Dominance to take the Scourge action or Search For action.


(Shipping, Roads, Traffic, Air)

  • You can acquire several vehicles on short notice
  • Close a local street
  • Access the FTZ(Foreign Trade Zone)


  • You can acquire a fleet of trucks to move most anything
  • Close a major road
  • Delay delivery shipments of trucks
  • Sell something in the FTZ ($250)


  • Shutdown a port
  • Shutdown an airport and ground all flights
  • Acquire a flight anywhere in the continental US
  • Move large amounts of illegal goods through the FTZ

Dominance - Easy Flying: You have a private plane and boat, these can take you most anywhere in the world without the need for a travel chop except in the most dire of circumstances (Hurricane, Tsunami). You can also use the action provided by the Dominance to take the Travel action.


(Handles all violent crime and Drugs)

  • Get someone’s car stolen and chopped
  • Obtain minor contraband
  • Obtain small firearms on no advanced notice
  • Talk with the local crime families


  • Obtain Dangerous drugs and medium firearms
  • Hire local thugs for a drive-by
  • Hire local thugs for an armed robbery
  • Hire a hitman to kill an unimportant human


  • Hire an assassin to kill an important human
  • Total control over an underworld family
  • Protect a business from organized crime
  • Smuggle someone in/out of the country

Dominance - Run It By: Your extra action can Attack other influences, not just the underworld. You can use your extra action provided by the Dominance to take the Live-Fire action only for yourself.


(Amusement Parks, Hotels, Experiences)

  • Resort is actually 5 separate influences. Each Resort has 6 levels of influence total, this means it can only hold 6 1s, 3 2s, or 2 3s, if you have dominance in a resort you control all the available influence levels of that resort. The exception to the 6 levels is Disney which instead has 18 due to its size, each park having 6 levels (Epcot, MGM, Magic Kingdom). Each level of Resort gives you more control over the park, Dominance for the park is controlling all 6 levels of influence in the park.
  • Disney
  • SeaWorld
  • Universal
  • Busch Gardens Tampa
  • The Holy Land Experience

  • Get into the park for free
  • Get someone on an attraction they’re not supposed to be on
  • Get backstage at an event


  • Be at the park after dark
  • Eat at any of the restaurants for free
  • Skip the line for an attraction
  • Get paid a monthly stipend for park business ($500)
  • Get a group into the park for free


  • Get paid a cut of sales monthly ($3000)
  • Get park security to detain or remove someone from the park
  • Meet with park executives
  • Hold a large event in the park


  • Get paid a large cut of sales ($6000)
  • Be treated as a park manager for all on-site employees
  • Shut down an attraction or restaurant for your use


  • Gain a vote on the executive leadership team for the resort
  • Get paid a monthly park Salary ($10000)
  • Shut down an area of the park for your use

⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ - Dominance

  • Get the Extra action.
  • You practically run the park
  • Get paid a monthly park Salary ($30000)
  • Shut down the park for a day, with no opposition

Super Background

Dominance: This represents command of a certain aspect of the domain. The user gains an additional action each month that can only be used to do something concerning the influence they have dominance in. These actions are by base, Attack an Influence, Grow an Influence, Transfer an Influence, Monitor an influence, Defend an Influence, Hide an Influence (you may hide or transfer only the influence the Dominance is in), and projects. Each dominance may give a separate action as well. This is listed in their description.

Limit: A city can only hold so many people with Dominance at the same time. If someone tries to grow Dominance and it is already at cap then the action will fail. It is possible to grow the number of Dominances that can exist in a city but it is hard. Finding out how many Dominances an influence can have is part of a monitor action. The number will usually be between 0-2.

Rituals - Asset

The only Background that can be purchased infinite times at character creation. Each purchase grants two additional rituals, which your character qualifies for.

Super Background

Rites Master: You gain one additional action each month that can only be spent to cast a ritual or learn a ritual.

Limit: May attract a magic eating creature: Mana wyrms, Eldritch maws, Gluttony Spirits, That sort of thing.

Armory - Asset

You have access to a plethora of weapons armor and equipment if you have time to go get it. You don't need to purchase individual pieces of equipment up to a certain level.

O: You have one trait equipment for every skill you have at two.

OO: You have one trait equipment for every skill located in your car that can be lent to others. (Small weapons)

OOO: You have two trait equipment for every skill you have at two. ( Medium Weapons) You can arm up to 5 people out of your car. All of your ghouls have Equipment like this as well.

Super Background

Military Arsenal: You have three trait equipment for every skill you have at two. (Large weapons) You can arm up to 5 people out of your car. All of your ghouls have Equipment like this as well.

Limit: Each person that has this attracts more government oversight. So more hunters + FBI.