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The World of Darkness is home to a lot of mutants. Beings who are birthed into existence by imbuing a creature with more Wyld, Wyrm, or Weaver energy than the human body can handle. Fomori, Kami, Hitmarks, Drones, Gorgons, Golems etc.. are all collectively grouped together as Deviants.


Each Deviant has an origin, chosen at character creation which is how they became a deviant, this origin decides the methodology of how their Madness Frenzy Manifests.

Origin Population Long Origin
Autourgics Example Those who sought the power of the Divergence, to serve a cause or just for its own sake.
Epimorphs Volunteers Those led to the procedure that would break them by promises or lies.
Exomorphs Unwilling Those whom others have subjected to the Divergence by force.
Genotypals Born Those whose transformation was fated from birth, by heritage, prophecy, or prenatal treatment.
Pathologicals Accidents Those transformed by sheer freak circumstances.


Each deviant also has a Clade, the method in which they were transformed. Their Clade gives them access to some Variations that they buy more cheaply. The Clade also determines their Clade Skill which is one skill that clade can use to improve their variations and can be innately raised to six, by that clade.

Clade Nickname Transformation method Clade skill
Cephalists Psychics Those transformed by the cracking open of the mind to influence deeper reality. Empathy
Chimerics Hybrids Those transformed by fusion with other sorts of life, whether engineered, transplanted, or infected. Science(Life)
Coactives Infused Those transformed by being charged with and absorbing potent energies. Occult
Invasive Cyborgs Those transformed by the merging of their body with occult artifacts or mechanical devices. Science(Physical)
Mutants Grotesques Those transformed by the rebellion of their body into bizarre shapes and natures. Medicine


Acclimation is Deviant's Generation Equivalent. It provides more "slots" It can only be raised by reconciling one's form, or giving up humanity and becoming a Drone. Acclimation Is stupidly expensive and increases the characters chance to frenzy.

Acclimation Slots
1 4
2 7
3 10
4 13
5 16


Deviants have Maximum Willpower equal to 10 + Acclimation.


Deviants max traits are 12, 11, 10, For primary secondary and tertiary attributes. They don't increase with acclimation, but some variations increase your max traits.


Deviants only have two virtues, Conviction and Humanity. (Anything that would test against a deviant’s compassion or conscience goes against humanity, self-control/courage go against conviction instead.)

Your humanity is your resistance to drone frenzy, and the will of your conspiracy.

Your Conviction is your own strong will and your resistance to your own worst impulses.

Frenzying and scars

Anytime a Deviant Frenzies it loses a permanent point of Willpower. Deviants who lose all their willpower become totally under the control of the Weaver, God machine, Wyrm, or Wyld depending on how they were created.

Drone Frenzying

Causes you to become taken over entirely by a single goal for the scene or night. It's a Humanity Test against your acclimation. Whenever you kill humans you need to make a test.

Madness Frenzy

Each origin has a specific frenzy trigger. Madness frenzy causes you to go on a violent Rampage when exposed to the stimuli. Madness is resisted by a conviction test equal to your acclimation.

  • Autoirgics
  • Trigger: your cause being insulted
  • Epimorphs
  • Trigger: being lied to
  • Exomorphs
  • Trigger: someone being restrained against their will
  • Genotypals
  • Trigger: authority figures telling you what to do
  • Pathologicals
  • Trigger: extremely bad luck (losing 3 chops in a row, losing a challenge when you double overbid or anything else you choose)


Scars: Scars are the not so subtle remnants of the transformation into a deviant. They give the deviant an a additional drone frenzy trigger. Each scar also adds more Slots but increases the chance of becoming a drone. Scars are the only way to add Slots outside of acclimation. Scars increase the chance you become less and less human as the body and soul can only take so much. Each scar provides 3 slots and increases frenzy difficulties by 1, the difficulty increases stack.

List of scars

  • Concentration: Once per scene when a deviant is targeted while using a variation, they must make a conviction check or drone frenzy.
  • Bane: fire: When they encounter fire make a conviction check or drone frenzy.
  • Murderous urge: You should kill the enemies of your creator, whenever you can kill something you must check against drone frenzy to not.
  • Fragility: Drone frenzy whenever you take damage in a scene.
  • Maintenance: You must spend an action each month to upkeep your variations, if not whenever you use them you check against drone frenzy. If the variation is a passive like increased attribute you check against drone frenzy whenever you use the increased attribute in a challenge.

Falling to the Triat

Deviants who lose all their willpower via drone frenzy become totally under the control of the Weaver, God machine, Wyrm, or Wyld depending on how they were created. Falling is unpleasant and is a loss of Self brought on by becoming overwhelmed by the powers within you. Falling gives the deviant access to a new set of Variations, However once per Session. an St may tell the character what to do and they must do it to the best of their ability. Some creatures start off Fallen.


Deviants can become Kami, or Gaia can create her own deviants to become nodes from rocks and animals. Generally when Gaia chooses a deviant that deviant has had a long, hard road, done a great service to gaian spirits, and has at minimum humanity 5.


Variations are the powers of deviants. Variations always take up slots, and deviants are limited in their number of powers by their slot count.

Each Variation also has a level that increases the power or reusability of the variation. Each Variation is installed at Level 1. The character may advance it on their own or with the help of others.

New action: Improve Variation

Improving a variation's level by 1 is a craft check with difficulty equal to desired level of variation+5. Can be reduced for each improve variation action reduces the difficulty of the check by 1. Each deviant can use their clade skill on the check to improve their own variation, if they want to improve someone else's variation they must use that clade’s skill.

Keyword: Subtle

Subtle Variations apply no penalty to Socials unlike Obvious Variations.

Subtle variations cost 1 extra slot.

Damage: Subtle Variations are not damaged by aggravated damage.

Keyword: Obvious

Each Obvious Variation applies a penalty against the Socials of the Deviant. Even if they can hide them, they still take the penalty. They know they are there.

Obvious Variations cost the listed amount of slots to install.

Damage: Obvious Variations are Machines. At the end of any scene in which the Deviant takes Aggravated damage one of their Obvious Variations Breaks and becomes unusable until they take an action to repair it. Obvious variations are also vulnerable to powers like shatter.

Keyword: Passive/Active

A passive variation applies it’s benefits passively, an active variation has to be activated by spending a charge or making a challenge, sometimes both. Some Variations have Charges, The number of times it can be used in a night.

Types of Variations:

General Variations:

General Variations get Improved using the skill of the Deviant’s Clade. They are purchased for normal price by all types of deviants.

Specific Variations:

Specific Variations get improved using the skill of their associated Clade. They are purchased for more or less depending on Clade.

Triat Variations

Triat variations are only usable by Deviants totally in the thrall of one of the Triat, These are improved by using the Skill attached to the triat. They are purchased for Out of Clade cost always and only by those who have Fallen to the Triat.

Deviant Experience

Thing XP cost
Background 3(At character creation only)
Virtue 3x(Desired Rating)
Willpower Desired Rating + 1
Ability 2x(Desired Rating)
Attribute 1-10 = 1 / 11-20 = 2
Specialty 1
General Variation 12
In Clade Variation 7
Out of Clade Variation 16
Acclimation 12x(Desired Rating)