Changing Breeds

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All rules based on Werewolf 20th edition. Make sure to buy a copy and support the work of those creators. 

Changing Breeds

Throughot this document we use Fera, Changer and Garou interchangeably, if there is a difference from one breed to another it will be noted specifically.

Changing Breeds Have Rage and Gnosis instead of Blood.

Rage is equal to Rank + Courage

A Werewolf may spend a Rage to:

  • Gain a number of actions equal to (1/2 Rank round down) (this is not a great plan for Rank 1 wolves.) each round.
  • Heal 1 lethal per rage or 2 bashing per rage. No action. Done when declaring Rage.
  • Change form reflexively (otherwise it takes an action. )
  • Activate a Kailindo Gift or Breed Gift that requires Rage.
  • A Fera can not spend more rage than their Rank in a single round.
  • A Fera cannot spend Gnosis andRage in the same round

Rage is regained when:

  • Struck for the first time in a night
  • When you see the moon for the first time (Sun for Mokole and Corax)
  • When a packmate is incapacitated
  • When you are exposed to a rage trigger without your consent ( 1 per rage trigger per night)

Rage Trigger: A thing that forces a Werewolf to make a rage check.

             Must be approved by staff. Werewolves have Rage triggers equal to Rank

Rage and Frenzy: If a werewolf has more rage than 2x their Self Control then they lose ties on frenzy checks. If they have three times more then they automatically frenzy when exposed to rage triggers.

Frenzy Garou can Rage frenzy or Fear Frenzy. Rage is governed by Self-Control. Fear is governed by Courage.

Gnosis is used to cast all Rites and activate Spirit Gifts and some Breed gifts. Gnosis and rage cannot be spent in the same round.

Max Gnosis is Equal to Rank + Compassion +1

Health: Fera have health levels equal to 2x their rank +7. (2 xrank) +7.

Base Claw Damage: Is Rank/2 + 1(round up) in Ag (in Bashing if they punch).

Negation: At rank three a Fera may spend a permanent willpower to negate an attack.

Willpower Fera have max willpower equal to 8+rank.

Delirium: When a Werewolf goes Crinos, Unaugmented mortals with willpower below 8 forget they saw a Garou and their minds become fuzzy.

Rank: Rank is a signifier of power and respect among the Fera. Rank goes from 1-5 ( with 0 and 6 as unlikely possibilities)

All Fera start at Rank 1 unless otherwise stated.

Rank determines a Fera’s attribute maxes (Charts are located below and on the Breed Pages)

Gaining Rank: Fera gain rank by accruing renown. Once they qualify for the rank they gain the new rank unless it requires a seeking.

Renown: Renown controls when a Garou gains rank. Garou can be awarded renown directly by a spirit for their role in performing a task or, a member of their pack can speak to their deeds to the caern spirit ( done at the end of the session in front of the whole caern) Fera must gain a certain amount of renown before they can gain a new rank. ( Numbers below are the number of renown needed to gain the next rank, not total)

  • Rank 1 - --
  • Rank 2 -5 Renown
  • Rank 3 - 10 renown
  • Rank 4 - 15 Renown and a seeking
  • Rank 5 - 20 Renown and a seeking
  • Rank 6 - ??? Renown

Harano: When a garou does something awful like murder uninvolved humans, hurt a gaian spirit, slay another of the pure. She must make a Conscience check. Failure results in the garou taking a point of Harano. Harano can be bought off through experience expenditure or the Meditation action. Each point of Harano applies a penalty against the Garou’s Social and Mental traits. Gaining 5 points of Harano results in the Garou becoming unplayable either as a simple monster unable to shift from Krinos or as a recalcitrant depressive

  • Krinos: When a Fera goes Krinos his physical traits increase by his rank+1.They can spend a Rage to transform immediately, otherwise, it takes a full Round
  • Animal Form The Animal form of a Changing breed is impossible to differentiate from a normal animal of the same breed. A Garou can spend a Rage to transform immediately, otherwise, it takes an action
  • Big Fuckoff Animal Form: Also gain Rank+1 in physical traits. Mechanically the same as Krinos, except does not possess hands. Some Fera Posses alternate rules for their BFAF
  • Human Form: Human its human


FeraHome - game intro

Breed + Tribes

Changing Breed Factions





Umbra and Other Mechanics

Fera Creation Outline

Fera Backgrounds

Fera Merits

Fera Exp and Freebie chart

Mockery Breeds


Vampire Were-wolves (Most other changing breeds die if embraced... usually.)

Breed Charts.


Wolves: Garou are the most common of the Fera.. mostly because they genocided the other Fera a long time ago


  • Rank 0: 12 10 11
  • Rank 1: 13 11 12 Physical Retest
  • Rank 2: 14 12 13 Social Retest
  • Rank 3: 15 13 14 Mental Retest
  • Rank 4: 16 14 15 Wins ties on Physical
  • Rank 5: 17 15 16 Win ties on Social

Garou have no special rules.


Corvids: Corax serve as messengers, gossip mongers and envoys. Their eastern Cousins, the Tengu, Invented swordplay. Corax Claws are capped at 2 Ag


  • Rank 0: 11 12 11
  • Rank 1: 12 13 12 Mental Retest
  • Rank 2: 13 14 13 Physical Retest
  • Rank 3: 14 15 14 Social retest
  • Rank 4: 15 16 15 Swords wielded do 1 additional damage, Win ties on Mentals
  • Rank 5: 16 17 16

All Corax can fly. They use the gargoyle rules for flight (substituting Rank for level of the discipline).

They do not possess a BFAF.


Cats Bastet are the most like wolves in many ways. They are territorial and tend to live with large numbers of other Bastet, Kinfolk and Fera.


  • Rank 0: 11 11 11
  • Rank 1: 12 12 12 Social Retest
  • Rank 2: 13 13 13 Physical Retest
  • Rank 3: 14 14 14 Mental Retest
  • Rank 4: 15 15 15 Wins ties on Physical
  • Rank 5: 16 16 16 Win Ties on Social

Bastet and Garou rules are identical


Lizards The great Dragon Kings of old are few and far between. Most Mokole are just trying to survive each day. The Alligator Lords of the Southwest United states, and the Dragon Kings of China are the last real bastions of Mokole Power. Mokole tend to assume leadership roles in Fera groups.


  • Rank 0: 12 11 10
  • Rank 1: 13 12 11 Physical Retest
  • Rank 2: 14 13 12 Mental Retest
  • Rank 3: 15 14 13 Social Retest
  • Rank 4: 16 15 14 Wins ties on Physical
  • Rank 5: 17 16 15 Win ties on Mentals

Mokole and Garou rules are identical


Children of the weaver. Ananasi have difficulty with emotions and prefer systems to people. The friends they do have, tend to either be short-term acquaintances or people they would die for. They are distrusted by many other Changers.

Ananasi do not have Gnosis or Rage. They have one pool, called Blood that is equal to (rank x 2) +2 in size. Blood is refilled by feeding just like vampires. Ananasi can not spend more blood per round than their rank, and may not activate gifts that would utilize gnosis and Rage in the same round.

BFAF: Becomes a Swarm of Rank X 1000 spiders. Deals Claw damage in Ag to everyone in occupied space each round, but cannot attack normally. As long as some spiders survive it can't die. Unlocks at rank 2. BFAF can only take 1 damage per attack unless area-of-effect attacks are used.


  • Rank 0: 12 12 12
  • Rank 1: 13 13 13 Mental Retest
  • Rank 2: 14 14 14 Swarm Form
  • Rank 3: 15 15 15 Social Retest
  • Rank 4: 16 16 16 Physical Retest
  • Rank 5: 17 17 17 Win Ties on Mental


Foxes are known for their Charm and Cunning, though they tend to be physically weaker than their cousins.


  • Rank 0: 10 12 12
  • Rank 1: 11 13 13 Social Retest
  • Rank 2: 12 14 14 Mental Retest
  • Rank 3: 13 15 15 Min ties on Social
  • Rank 4: 14 16 16 Wins ties on Mental
  • Rank 5: 15 17 17 Physical Retest

BFAF: Kitsune’s BFAF does not gain additional Physical traits. Their Krinos gains 1/2 rank in traits (Round up)


Rats The ratkin are furtive creatures who prefer not to be seen by the light of day, or really be seen at all. They tend to have extravagant personalities and little self-preservation instinct, though the survival of the Ratkin species is the most important thing to them.

        P M S
  • Rank 0: 10 11 10
  • Rank 1: 11 12 11 Mental Retest
  • Rank 2: 12 13 12 Their stealth powers work on cameras
  • Rank 3: 13 14 13 Social retest
  • Rank 4: 14 15 14 Physical retest
  • Rank 5: 15 16 15 Wins ties on Mentals

Rat rules are the same as Garou rules.


Snakes are the assassins of Gaia and tend towards being more stoic or quiet, with the exception of the rattlesnakes... Who never shut up. Snakes are distrustful and often refuse to even give their names, relying instead on titles or false names.

  • Rank 0: 11 11 11
  • Rank 1: 12 12 12 Physical Retest
  • Rank 2: 13 13 13 Mentals retest
  • Rank 3: 14 14 14 Wins ties on Physicals
  • Rank 4: 15 15 15
  • Rank 5: 16 16 16 Social Retest

BFAF form does not have arms but can make bite attacks without grappling. All powers that apply to claws apply to Nagas fangs.


Bears: The Gurahl are a passive group of healers and scholars. They were almost hunted to extinction during the war of rage, and are slow to repopulate so have one of the smallest populations, though most of that population lives in North America.

  • Rank 0: 12 12 10
  • Rank 1: 13 13 11 Might Retest
  • Rank 2: 14 14 12 Mental Retest
  • Rank 3: 15 15 13 Social Retest
  • Rank 4: 16 16 14 Wins ties on Physical
  • Rank 5: 17 17 15 Win ties on Mentals and Socials

Gurahl cannot spend Rage for additional actions. Can spend Rage to increase the damage of their attacks. One Rage causes their attack that round to deal max damage. Gurahl gain additional health levels equal to their Rank.


Sharks. Big dumb Savages. Most of them never leave the water where they hunt and kill to protect the mother ocean. They are always on a hair-trigger and even the calmest and peaceful Rokea is likely to remove someone’s head when they get a little irritated.

  • Rank 0: 13 9 10
  • Rank 1: 14 10 11 Might Retest
  • Rank 2: 15 11 12
  • Rank 3: 16 12 13 Wins ties on Physical
  • Rank 4: 17 12 13 Social retest
  • Rank 5: 18 13 14 Mental Retest

Rokea’s BFAF form cannot move on land. They may bite without grappling. Rokea have one additional Rage trigger and a max self-control of 4


Coyote: The Nuwisha are tricksters who teach lessons to their preferred target. They teach lessons and are experts at spiritual matters but are completely unable to channel rage

  • Rank 0: 10 11 11
  • Rank 1: 11 12 12 Social Retest
  • Rank 2: 12 13 13 Mental Retest,
  • Rank 3: 13 14 14 Physical retest
  • Rank 4: 14 15 15 Choose 3 skills. The Coyote can have a sixth dot in them.
  • Rank 5: 15 16 16 Win ties on Social

Nuwisha do not get rage. They may power Kailindo gifts with Gnosis and may spend a Gnosis to auto transform.



Frog: The Anurana are Tree frog changers that were originally created by Pentex. a Group of them were purged of Wyrm Taint by Chimera and the Stargazers.

  • Rank 0: 10 11 11
  • Rank 1: 12 12 12 Mental Retest
  • Rank 2: 13 13 13 Physical Retest
  • Rank 3: 14 14 14 Win ties Mental
  • Rank 4: 15 15 15 Social Retest
  • Rank 5: 16 15 15 Win ties on Social

Anurana have no Auspice. They have the innate ability to pick up items without having to spend a step. They have one additional step per round (4). Their claws only do lethal damage not aggravated.

______All Changers____

  • Ghoul: They frenzy if you try
  • Embracing: Usually they die.. sometimes.. see Abominations