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In the wake of Theo Bell's execution of Hardestadt and the Brujah’s exodus from Camarilla, the vampiric world was thrown into turmoil. A few years prior (1978), the Tzimisce, as a clan, went wild. Transforming into monsters and slaughtering those they had just a few seconds ago been chatting with amicably. This left the Sabbat in a tenuous position which was immediately capitalized on by the Camarilla. Then in 1980, the Tremere withdrew from public life and were engulfed into what from the outside looked like a civil war at the end of which there were sightings of Kindred with three eyes all over the continent.

Meanwhile, the Brujah and the anarch movement were at their highest point. The Anarchs took this moment to launch the Third Anarch Revolt, throughout the United States. For their part, the Nosferatu and Malkavians chose to sit this war out, giving only token support of fervent individuals to push back the long-oppressed anarchs.

In Central Florida, the Brujah Amadeus led the charge. He made deals with the persecuted, those on the run, and those looking to build a home for themselves. They took Central Florida, The Sabbat domain of Tampa, and the Camarillian domain of Orlando, in one fell swoop. Alas, Amadeus did not survive the final encounter and now it is up to the rest of their alliance to decide what to make of this new “Eden.”

Of the eight revolts in this Third Wave, six were successful. Central Florida; Austin, Texas; Buenos Aires, Argentina; The entire island chain of Hawaii; Boston, Massachusetts; and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The revolutions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and St. Louis, Missouri failed.

The Anarchy says it believes that vampires have a right to life liberty and happiness. That people don't lose all their faculties just because they are embraced. Death was a transition but doesn’t mean you aren't still an American. The boot of the Camarilla and Sabbat must be thrown off so that free men can live, just as America once threw off the boot of England, but will their actions fit their high minded rhetoric? Or will they prove the Camarilla right, That Kindred cannot exist in peace without their guiding hand? Only time will tell.

Time Line

The Kuei Jin are called Wan Kuei and are the same as other Vampires mechanically. Ie. They have their own variants of the core clans just like the kindred of the Ebony Kingdom do. The Gaki clan, has no clear link to any other clan and practices the unique Discipline Kai.

1972: The Resurgence occurs, many Tzimisce die as their powers go crazy.

1980: Tremere shadow war is noticed by others as Tremere begin killing one another

1981: Theo Bell Kills Hardestadt. Brujah abandon the Camarilla en masse

1982-1983: Third Anarch Uprising

It's not 1997 yet. The great prank has not occurred. Camarilla Malks have Dominate.