Transformation Power Rules

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For all powers the specific rules of the powers overrule the general rules presented here. Assuming any form ability takes an action and the transformation does not finish until the end of the round if done in combat time. The lists below are not complete.

Solid Transformations powers:

Solid Form powers restrict the caster to only using physical disciplines and the other powers in their tree once they are cast. Alteration powers cast before the transformation stay up though. Solid form powers are assumed during the explosives tick in combat.

List of Solid form transformation powers.

Horrid Form- VIcissitude 4
Black Metamorphosis - Oblivion 5
Beast Shape- Protean 4
Protean 5: Giant Animal form
Visceratika 4- Armor of Terra
Elemental Mastery 2 3 and 4
Green path 5- Green Heart
Vine of Dionysus 5

Gaseous/ Formless Transformation Powers: Gaseous or formless power by default only allow the use of fortitude and the other powers in the same tree. By default a character cannot use any discipline that causes damage to another character (or Npc) while using this power but non-damage dealing powers are still applicable. She also cannot activate any of the physical disciplines (Save Aegis) The transformed kindred counts as having a face for the purposes of presence and eyes for the purpose of Dominate. Characters assume gaseous forms during the explosives tick if they are in combat time.

List of gaseous Transformation powers

Protean 5 - Mist form
Visscitude 5 - Blood form
Hunters wind 5- Ghost Body
Elemental mastery 5.

Alteration Powers: By default alteration powers apply no limits on what other powers you can use. These include powers like Ag claws, valeren 3 and oblivion 3 They do take an action to activate.