Safety Mechanics

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Eden Calling is set in the world of darkness and as such we are going to touch on dark sometimes disturbing themes. If any scene becomes too much or too intense we want to ensure that players have the ability to take care of themselves mentally during the game. We will go over the Safety mechanics at the beginning of the game from time to time but probably not every game. If you'd like a refresher to grab a staffer and we will review them with you.

A thing to remember is that the door is always open. You are more important than the game. If you ever need to leave a scene because it's becoming overwhelming don't be afraid to leave and go to the out of character room, or leave the building entirely. You don't need to explain yourself. You are more important than the game.

Out of character sign. Take Your fist. Place it on top of your head like a horn. This signifies that you are out of character. Other players will ignore you. Try not to overuse this or just drop out of character to say something funny. If you're going to laugh, tell a joke, or say something just say it in character.

X: Cut. If you need a scene to stop because of safety put an X over your head and say cut. Use this if someone is in danger or has like fallen.

Ok/check-in. this is a method of making sure people are actively engaging in the roleplay. We will go over it before game.