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Entirely new beings birthed into being by the primordial fire, These lost souls seek salvation. They are classic Frankenstein monsters and other created beings.

Promethean Traits

All prometheans are powered by azoth: the divine fire. Manipulating azoth into a living organism is called “The spell of life”. Previously you might know it as the same process that mummies are created by. All Prometheans have a progenitor(the person who created them) instead of a sire. Facing the progenitor is often an important step in the promethean’s spiritual pilgrimage.


Prometheans all have a family which gives them their torment and bestowments. Their family is the type of created being they are.

  • Frankenstein(the wretched)
    • Created monsters, frankensteins draw their name from the story where the first of their kind became popular, frankensteins are generally large made of dead and living parts, and always composites. Frankenstiens are powerful warriors.
  • Galatea(The muses)
    • Muses, the Galateans are created wholesale by imbuing inspiration and fire of a human into an already human shape like a doll, or a statue. Galateans have deep understandings of emotion and can manipulate humans easily.
  • Mummys(osirians)
    • One of the oldest families of prometheans, mummies are created by guiding a soul back to a specifically prepared and mummified body by ancient spells passed down by isis and horus, and their equivalents in select cultures around the world. Mummies are ancient wise souls resilient to death and with unique magics.
  • Ulgan(the riven)
    • Ulgans are ancient types of prometheans created by a dying spirit or humans giving it's essence and power to clay or other inanimate material that takes human shape. Ulgans are powerful travelers of multiple umbral worlds and masters of skills from their umbral side.
  • Unfleshed(the manufactured)
    • The unfleshed are creatures manufactured to be human whole cloth like automatons, or robots, these creatures have remarkable mental capabilities and can detach parts of themselves to serve as extra eyes.

Azoth and trait caps

Prometheans get +1 max traits for each point of azoth they have, they all start with Traits 12/11/10 for Primary/secondary/tertiary. Their azoth also determines the amount of pyros they can spend per round. Pyros per turn is equal to azoth, Prometheans above azoth 5 gain 10 points of pyros per point above azoth 5. All prometheans can return to life by spending a permanent azoth, they get deposited at the bottom of the river of death and have to walk back, losing a good chuck of their accumulated memories and how to act human. Azoth can be grown by 1 the further along the pilgrimage the promethean is, it always starts at 1 and each trial increases it by 1. Prometheans with 0 permanent azoth die for good.


Prometheans energy source is called pyros, they have a pool of max pyros = half the sum of their virtues(round up)

  • Prometheans can spend an pyros to heal 2B or a lethal

Prometheans can regain pyros a few way

  • They regain all their pyros when they sleep for a night.
  • They regain 1 pyros while in a thunderstorm or 1 when they first see the lightning of any kind
  • 1 by plugging into an electrical outlet(once per night)

Willpower and Health

Health Prometheans are very sturdy and have health levels = 9+azoth.

Willpower Prometheans have max willpower = 9+Azoth

Elpis and role

Prometheans have an elpis and a role, fake personas they are using to mimic humans based on what they've seen instead of a nature and demeanor.


Prometheans gain supernatural potency by going on specific pilgrimages guided by angels of the azothic flame called qashalim.


Fire Torment

Prometheans are not human and have several flaws a primal fear of fire, a curse inherent in their creation. Prometheans must check against fire torment when they encounter non azothic fire to avoid frenzy using their courage if they fail they flee from the source of fire, if they succeed they can plunge their hand into the fire to take an aggravated damage and regain a pyros, the difficult is set by the ST.

Torment of the Uncanny Valley

Prometheans unnerve humans, as they are not quite human if they fail a challenge against a human they must check against valley torment with their conscience, as they have caused the human discomfort by their strange mannerisms and appear. Failure causes the human to flee the scene.

Family Torment

Finally Each promethean family has a family torment, something that causes humans to seek them out and try to kill them, if they take this action or encounter it while humans are present and fail a self-control check, all humans in the scene will begin harrassing and attacking the promethean, resulting in a -1 penalty to all relationship backgrounds for the scene.

  • Frankensteins
    • Attacking a human
  • Galateans
    • Showing care or affection for a stranger.
  • Mummys
    • Returning from the dead or healing.
  • Ulgans
    • Stepping through the umbra or taking with spirits or ghosts.
  • Unfleshed
    • Illegal or highly illogical activity.

Primordial Helpers

Prometheans have the power to animate life in and around them as carriers of the divine flame. This is represented in some powers by the primordial tag. If a power has a primordial tag, that means the promethean may expend an azothic retest of any kind while activating the power to summon the helper associated with the power. In addition, prometheans with azoth 4+ as an exception to the normal helper rule can explicitly hold 2 helper powers. Unless stated otherwise primordial helpers are all summoned during the helper tick and take their specified action immediately, after that they can be damaged if they remain in the scene. Primordial helpers with listed retests recover all those retests at the top of the round, if primordial helpers are summoned with a discipline level azothic retests they can call that retest so long as they remain summoned. If they are summoned with a ties retest they win ties in that category so long as they are summoned.

Azothic Retests

A unique aspect of the prometheans allows them to craft a hanging retest for later use which can take them over their trait maximum. Prometheans can have a number of such hanging retests equal to their azoth*2. The skill to craft azothic retests is academics as the promethean studies the skill and coaxes it into azothic fire much the same way they were created. The difficulty to craft azothic retests are listed below. Skill retests are casted for a specific skill, discipline and ties retests are crafted for an attribute catergory, and can only be spend on a challenge that uses that attribute. Overbid retests can be used for any skill of challenge

Retest Type Craft Difficulty
Skill 3
Discipline 5
Ties retest(spend to win ties for a challenge) 5
Overbid 7


Bestowments are powers granted to the promethean by their creator or obtained by tinkering with their own artificial body.


Transmutations are prometheans power trees, and are techniques of the azothic flame to direct and control fire.

Promethean Backgrounds


A hovel is a source of the Promethean's own enlightenment, a haven bolstered by their azothic fire. Hovels count as a haven and provide a trait(non-equipment) bonus on azothic retest crafting checks equal to it's rating.

Super: The trait bonus of the super background raises to 5

Azoth companion

As spirit guide but azoth companions are fire creatures that are fire englings that follow the prometheans because gaia looks after all her creatures.

Promethean Actions

Prometheans gain 4 bluebook actions and 1 free Craft azothic retest or attempt pilgrimage action

Unique Promethean actions or variations of actions are as followed below.

New Action: Craft azothic retest(academics)

Changed Action: The Meditate action gives a promethean a beat

New Action: Attempt pilgrimage trial(Costs 2 xp) this action allows the promethean to attempt to advance their pilgrimage and azoth

Promethean Experience Table

Thing Experience Cost
Virtue 3xDesired Rating
Willpower Desired Rating+1
Ability 2xDesired Rating
Attribute 1-10 = 1 / 11-20 = 2
Specialty 1
Bestowment(In-Family) 8
Bestowment(Non-Family) 16
Transmutation(In-Family) 4xDesired Rating
Transmutation(Non-Family) 6xDesired Rating