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This is representative of what a character with a 3 in all the Lores would understand.

There are Largely speaking 5 Planes of Existence Low Umbra, - Material plane- Middle Umbra - High Umbra - Wyld

Low umbra

Touches the Material Plane, the High umbra and the Middle Umbra. There are 5 layers of the LowUmbra. Deadlands - Abyss - Labyrinth - Mouth of Oblivion - Oblivion Deadlands and Abyss touch the Material plane. Deadlands touch all over anywhere there was sufficient death. The Abyss can cross over only in places on the material plane that have never been touched by any form of light

Deadlands are where wraiths live. Sometimes people just wander in.

At the mouth of the Labyrinth is the Abyss. Abyssal creatures are creatures that have never died but are still undead. They are imbued with natural insanity and hatred of the light that "stops them from sleeping " though they never really sleep.

The labyrinth is a maze formed from all the things that have died or been forgotten over 80 million years. It wasn't built it just formed itself around the mouth of Oblivion as things have tried to keep themselves from not existing and slowly merged into a singular construct

Below that is oblivion itself, an endless white void.

The never born are here. Nothing is really destroyed once its dragged in there but moving between the two areas is something only beings on par with the 2nd generation are capable of.

Material plane

This is where the game takes place. It touches the Middle and Low umbra. Things from the high umbra and Wyld get here by going through the middle umbra and then stepping out or touching people's dream space. (A place created when people slumber)

The material plane is overlaid by the Middle umbra, The Astral Realm, and the Madness Network

The Astral Realm is thoughts. The Madness network is XSNLKJFOLDMKDNAODL connecting every Malkavian.


Middle Umbra

is A spiritual overlay of the world as it exists right now. Most spirits live here. Spirits are broadly speaking only as powerful as the real-world thing they represent is. There are some exceptions.

Demons that exists in the Middle umbra are just corrupted spirits. Nodes are places where spiritual energy gathers and overlays with the Material plane. There are full courts of Spirits, the most common courts are City court, which is headed by a city father.

The City Father of Orlando is The Great and Powerful Mouse, The City father of Tampa is called The Gilded Sail. One is Mickey Mouse, the other is a pirate ship. The Mouse is Egomaniacal but with a human perspective. The Gilded Sail a Mechanoi perspective but cares more about the people in his court doing well.

Horizon Realms Exist in Both the Middle and High umbra. Many Horizon realms exist in both.

Pathways into the deadlands can be found in places where great death takes place. ( Pretty much any hospital will do.)

Pathways into high umbra are harder. Demons ( The fallen kind) know the most about how this is done.

High Umbra. The land of thoughts concepts and ideas.

The High umbra has always existed but when picturing it, it is built around a single Defining feature, being Yggdrasil, a giant mechanical tree. The tree is visible from every other plane in the high umbra but it is always far in the distance. The Tree itself is the Plane, Autocthonia. Angels hang out all throughout the tree.

The lower reaches of the high umbra Contain planes like all the Hells, Malpheas, any other is just a straight awful plane of existence.

In the middle, you get neutral places like Battle realm, The Worlds Stage, The Mirror Zone At the top, you get Heaven

You also get things like the moon out there,(-)

Everything beyond the Moon is in the Wyld.

Wyld refers to everything outside the bubble of Creation that contains the Material plane and the Umbras Fey are out there, aliens, Sentient virus's, Xenomorphs, Cthululu, basically, anything can be out there Arcadia is Specifically out there there is no consistent way to move between the two.

Anything that is a Plane, A zone, or anything else, is just a Horizon Realm that exists in either the Middle, High or both Umbras. It's technically possible for a plane to touch the Low umbra, but once it does so It will begin being slowly pulled into Oblivion like everything else in the Low Umbra Most planes have existed long enough that their inhabitants or Sentiences, or other people entirely, have figured out a way to avoid them being dragged into nothingness