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Mage is too complicated to write Larp Rules that are simple and still consistent with the source material. These rules are not a good estimation of what mages can really do but are what we are using.

Mages have human traits 12/ 11/ 10. They always have 10 willpower. Each Sphere Rank they master increases their Maximums by one. They have 20 Quintessence. Quintessence is needed to cast a spell.

Each sphere has 3 levels. Each level allows the mage to do something by spending 1 quintessence. A Mage can spend a number of quintessence in a round, equal to their Avatar rating (1-5) usually 2

Mages can spend more Q in a round but doing so accrues Paradox. 5 Paradox causes an event to occur. Doing magic in an unexplainable way also accrues Paradox.

Correspondence The Mage can spend a Q to take additional steps. Level 1+5 steps, Level 2 +10 steps. Level 3 +20 Steps.

Entropy The Mage can use the superpowers of the dead. Level 1 - Use Social and Mental Disciplines level 1 +2. Level 2 - Use Social and Mental Discipline levels 3+4. Level 3 - Use Social and Mental Disciplines Level 5.

Forces The Mage can fling elemental magic as an action. These attacks use occult or Firearms. Level 1 deals 2 ag. Level 2 Deals 4 ag. Level 3 deal 6 ag.

Life The Mage can heal. Level one lets him heal 2 damage per quintessence. Level 2 lets him remove mental conditions or the effects of mental superpowers. Level 3 allows her to revive the recently dead.

Matter Conjures material. Level 1 Simple Material. Level 2 Complex items. Level 3 Strong Items that don't exist on earth. Items summoned this way degrade over the course of a month. Mages can negate a Number of retests when Crafting equal to their Matter sphere rating. There is also no limit to how many tags they can place on an item. Items created in this way reduce the Mages permanent Quintessence by 2 until the items are destroyed. Anytime the item is used in front of people She accrues a Paradox. The Mage can also create fetishes.

Mind The Mage Reinforces her body with the power of her Mind. Level 1 lets her increase all her attributes by 3. Level 2 lets her increase her attributes by 7. Level 3 lets her set all her attributes to 25.

Prime At level 1 the Mage can spend a Q to gains a Discipline Retest in a specific Attribute. At level 2 the Mage can spend a Q to gain a Discipline Retest on all Attributes. At level 3 the Mage can spend a Q to win ties in a specific attribute.

Spirit Lets the Mage use Garou Gifts. Level 1 - Use level 1 +2 gifts. Level 2 - Use level 3 +4 gifts. Level 3 - Level 5 Gifts.

Time: For each dot of Time, the Mage may take one additional action at a cost of 1Q per action. These work like Celerity's actions, except the Mage can cast use spheres and cast spells.

Contingency: Mages can hang one effect on themselves to go off when something happens.

Wonders Mages can explicitly break the crafting rules using the Matter sphere to create impossible items. They may also create fetishes

Spells Doing anything beyond what is written here requires a Spell. Spells must be submitted in writing with their effects. The ST will state required spheres for the spell, and assign an exp cost equal to Spheres required + X ( where X stands for ST determination.) Spells that mirror other effects already in the game are more likely to be approved and have a lower X cost.

  • Ghouling Mages - You can't
  • Embracing Mages - They stop being mages