I entered the liminal state and did remain there...

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I did not dream, but heard the whispers of those around me until I saw the light.

It was not gods hand that reached to me, but the hand of a human who kept me sane.

I saw gods hand, distant and aloof, as I stood at the fivefold crossroads.

To the west was a city of Emerald flame and upon its throne sat a lord both mad and ancient. His eyes burned into me.

To the East were the wildlands, a forest of silver where hounds roamed.

To the North there lay a city bathed in golden light from above.

To the South, a mirror of that city alight in a crimson glow. Light Brought forth from the walls themselves instead of from above. A photo negative.

Beneath me was a stairway which I had trod before, a path that always welcomed me home despite my shunning of it.

And then I awoke back in my coffin, and stared at the earth from my window in disgust for it had all been a dream. I had forsaken it all for pursuit of that which I could not understand.

The warm embrace of the Cocoon called to me once more


I only asked how your day was V