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Hunters are humans with a small bit of some ancient power running through their veins. Most Hunters are weak normal humans. These are often referred to as "small h" Hunters by supernatural in the know about them. Big H Hunters are the ones that possess an amount of supernatural might to back up their big claims. There are human members of each organization but the powers listed can only be used by those with the "knack"

Hunters have a trait max of 13. 11, 10. They have 8 Health levels and tend to have higher degrees of skill than most humans but rarely have Level 5 abilities since they don't live long enough to attain the type of skill necessary. Using one of their powers costs them a Health Level, Except for the General ones which cost a willpower

There are 5 major conspiracies that Hunters belong to, who operate in the SouthEast portion of America, and 2 minor ones. ____

General Endowments

Task Force Valkyrie: While the government as a whole is not aware of the supernatural there are pockets within the governments who are. Task Force Valkyrie was created by President Roosevelt during WW2 to combat supernatural threats posed by the Nazi's. They are usually stationed at and around Government installations of great importance. Valkyrie are probably the most dangerous Hunters.

Cainite Heresy: The Cainite Heresy began as a cult of Ghouls in Carthage. They have persisted through the years and have learned to shape their revenant blood along with a few remaining artifacts to allow them to hunt their former masters. They have longer lifespans than most hunters due to their lineage but still don't live past 100. They have developed a strange sort of blood magic. The Cainite Heresies powers make them specifically dangerous to Vampires.

Knights of Saint Adrian: The Knights are predominantly demon hunters, who paint tattoos of blood upon their bodies that come to them in dreams. These tattoos allow the Knights some semblance of supernatural might. Those creatures cursed by god are their primary targets. Werewolves and Ghosts don't usually cross their radar.

The Shih: Specially trained Oni hunters who originated in Asia. Have recently begun popping up in other places across the world, and in some places even training Westerners in their arts. Their skills are generally applicable to a variety of monsters.

Vanguard Investigation A for Hire detective agency that employees the Imbued. At one point they worked for the FBI but funding issues caused them to be let go. Now they work for a mysterious donor. Technically they Hunt Slashers but In truth, they will go after anyone who kills enough humans.

The Union: Everyday people trying to fight the nightmares

Ashwood Abbey, The Hunt Club, The Bear Lodge All three are hunters for thrills with varying degrees of sanity. The Bear Lodge go after monsters for the fun of it but generally try and make sure they don't hurt anyone innocent. If they get an 'innocent' monster they even tend to let them go. The Ashwood Abbey are the type to hunt " the most dangerous game" for bragging rights. The Hunt Club keeps point totals for number of kills and have had to clarify that pregnant "marks" are only worth one point. They get up to sick shit that would even make some Setites proud.


The seed of divinity that creates a hunter sometimes comes out.. wrong, Creating megalomaniacal monsters with an insatiable desire to kill

  • Ghouling: Yes! but they will never be more than one trait bonded
  • Embracing: Yes but they stop being Hunters