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Example Equipment

Academics - Jeweler's Loupe +1 Mental, The Greek Classics +2 Mental

Animal Ken - Whip n’ Chair +2 Socials (Taming), National Audubon Society Handbook +1 Mental (Identifying)

Athletics (Out of Combat) - Running Shoes +1 Physical (Running), Hookshot +1 Physical (Climbing)

Awareness - Theodolite Pendulum +1 Mental, Harmonic Crystals +2 Mental

Brawl - please see the Weapons Chart.

Crafts - Forge +1 Craft:Armor, Blacksmithy +1 Craft: Weapon, Workshop +1 Craft:Equipment

Defense - Please see the Weapons Chart.

Drive - N20 Injector +1 Physical/Mental, Racing Tires +1 Physical/Mentals

Empathy - Rorschach Test +1 Mentals (Willing Subject Only), Exner Scoring System +2 Mental

Expression - Studio Equipment +2 Mental, Thesaurus +1 Mental, Designer Suit +2 Social

Finance - Financial Planning Software +1 Mental, Detailed Prospectus +2 Mental

Firearms - Please see the Weapons Chart.

Intimidation - Black Armani Power Suit +2 social traits

Investigation - Fingerprinting Kit +1 Mental, CSI Trace Evidence Lab +3 Mental

Leadership - Swagger Stick +1 social trait

Medicine - Gray's Anatomy +1 Mental, Ultrasound Machine +2 Mental

Melee - Please see Weapons Chart.

Occult - Celestial Orrery +1 Mental, Staff of Power +2 Mental

Politics - Burke's Peerage +2 Mental, Who's Who +1 Mental

Science - Biological Specimen Cryostorage Unit +2 Mentals, 500 Rats +1 Mentals

Scrounge - Sotheby's Antiques Price Guide Book +2 Mental, Web Filtration Software +2 Mentals

Security - Thief's Tools +1 Physical, Keylogger +2 Mental

Stealth - Ninja Outfit +1 Mental, Smoke Bomb +2 Mental

Streetwise - GPS +1 Mental, FBI Files on Gang Signs +2 Social

Subterfuge - Forged ID Documentation +3 Social, Phone Voice Changer +1 Social

Survival - The Boy Scout Handbook +1 Mental, Camping Gear +2 Physical

Most Items are on a 1-3 scale, there are 4s but they are extremely rare and difficult to create. Any higher grade equipment is created by insanely powerful entities.

Driving and Vehicles

All cars and vehicles move 6 steps per round. Hitting a person with a vehicle is a Drive vs Defense check. It deals 3B. Humans struck by cars begin bleeding out.

All vehicles have 5 health levels. They reduce all damage by one innately unless that damage is explicitly to be used against buildings. Vehicles are subject to any item destruction power and otherwise act like weapons. A character can still be struck normally while they are in a Vehicle. You must declare a vehicle at the beginning of a scene. Craft and expression can make better quality cars, but these just provide traits on the Drive roll. You cannot adamant a Car. Getting on and off a vehicle takes a step. If you are riding in a vehicle, that movement still consumes your steps for the turn.