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Each Demon is a Fallen Angel. At least that's what they claim, but anyone who has been unlucky enough to gaze upon their true form knows that they certainly don't look like any Angel they have read about in books.

Demons have max traits of 18 16 14. They have 12 base health levels and 12 Aether(Their blood Equivalent) They also have a rating called Cover (10 max), which determines how well they are blending in and pretending to be human. Demons have Discipline level retests in all Attributes.

Cover is accrued by making deals with humans ( Or other supernaturals) and taking parts of their personality, appearance, soul etc. for themselves. Once a Demon Spends a Point of Cover it is gone.

Some Demons can grant wishes, others just perform tasks as part of these Faustian Pacts. A Demon cannot use powers to convince a being to take part in a Faustian pact. A demon that loses all of its Cover is forced into its Apocalypse Form. A demon can also shed all its Cover and enter its Apocalypse form as an action. This is usually a bad plan for the demon and everyone else around as it tends to cause Angels to show up.

Your average demon will have 6 Embeds and 1-2 Exploits. The Exploits will both come from their Incarnation.

Demons Powers

Demons Powers are based on their Incarnation (Who they were as an angel) Their Agenda influences their starting skills and Attributes but that will only matter if we do a Demon Larp with PCs. Their Apocalypse form is detailed below.

Powers are broken up into Embeds and Exploits - Embeds are powers that utilize the underpinnings of the universe. Exploits, break those underpinnings in fantastic ways to create effects. Exploits are similar in principle to Punk Thaumaturgy

Destroyer - Cacophony

Guardian - Instrumental

Psychopomp - Mundane

Messenger - Vocal

Faustian Pacts

Apocalypse Forms

Demon Blooded

  • Ghouling: They can't be Ghouled but will often pretend
  • Embracing: They cant be embraced. You will take an Ag if you try