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Two abilities are used in the Eden Calling crafting and expression system, each providing its own benefits while having important differences.

Expression can be used to design, compose, or otherwise, express an object that assists in skill challenges. Physical Mental or Social

Crafting can be used to make Weapons or Armor.


To make an item that adds N number of Bonus Traits, you need to make an N level Extended Static Challenge equal to the category challenge required to make said item. See the difficulty chart.

For example, if you wanted to tailor a suit that gives 1 Bonus Social for leadership challenges, then you would need to have expression and make an Extended Static Challenge at 10 Traits with 1 Ability Level Retest(diff 1 on the chart). Now when in Social Challenges with Leadership as the ability, They are up 1 Bonus Social.

Quick skill items table

bonus traits traits against crafter retests(extra non-skill)
1 10 1
2 15 3
3 25 5
4 30 5(1)
5 35 7(2/1)


Crafting makes Weapons or Armor. The category of a weapon is equal to its size+ Tags. The category of Armor is Equal to its type+tags. The difficulty of the challenge is based on it's category as per the Crafting challenge ratings document. Craft can also be used an an action to repair destroyed weapons. A Character with Craft 5 can repair one weapon or Armor without using an action each month. ( You can use Craft to make a Skill Item for the Craft skill and only the craft skill. The rules are the same as above.)

Quick Weapon/armor table

Category traits retests
1 10 1
2 15 2
3 15 3
4 25 5
5 30 5(1 discipline)

Note There is no difference between offensive and defensive traits.

Another Note Making one-time use items is slightly easier. The traits of the challenge are reduced by 5, and each action taken to craft a one use item produces 2 of said item. The item breaks/ or is consumed after a single challenge augmented by the item.

Crafting Challenge Ratings [1]

Crafting difficulties can be further altered by science as detailed below

Science Science can be used to lower the difficulty of a craft check by 1. You take a science action and make a science chop 1 difficulty lower than the craft chop you are attempting. If you succeed the science chop the difficulty of the the craft chop is lowered by 1.