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The City of Austin is a Camarilla domain full of outcasts. The venture abandoned it long ago, as " Too artsy to be profitable," allowing a great number of other clans to flourish. The Domain has become a social battleground between the Tremere prince and the Toreador primogen. A friendly "or as friendly as kindred politics can be" rivalry has escalated recently after a mass outbreak of infernal cultists becoming a nuisance and renewed sabbat attacks by people calling themselves "The Scions of Jackson." It started when the Prince invited Demon Hunters to live in the domain.. demon hunters who just happened to be "rehabilitated" members of Clan Baali. The prince himself has assured the populace of their changed nature. In response, the Toreador Primogen give up a third of her territory to her good friend Vizier _____ of clan Assamite. Thus the city is in a cold war with the Gangrel, who happen to live there, caught in the middle of this power struggle.

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