Blood Bonds

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Blood Bonds

Vampire blood is addictive. Each drink of Vampire blood makes a person more and more addicted to others. Players can agree to enter the game blood bonded.

  • Trigger warning* Blood bonds can get into a bit of mind control esque emotional manipulation. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a blood bond that is being established please bring that to Staff attention. Feel free to pull one of us aside.

Each drink of blood increases the power of the blood bond. People can be mutually blood bonded or one-sided. Against someone who is blood bonded to you, you gain the level of the blood bond in traits. This can exceed the Trait cap.

  • 1 trait - Best friend, Trusted business partner.
  • 2 traits - Romantic partner, Parent,
  • 3 traits - Object of your obsession, The only thing you can think about.