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Armor provides extra health levels. Once broken armor must be repaired. Armor that takes aggravated damage cannot be repaired and must instead be replaced. The difficulty to craft an armor is equal to its category + Tags.

Armor: Grants a number of bonus health levels equal to the Coverage of the armor.

Armored clothing Clothes Category 1 to create +1 Health Level -2 traits, Does not need to be costumed

Chain/ Kevlar Category 2 to create +2 Health Level, -4 traits, Does not need to be costumed,

Full Plate/ Ceramic Plates. Category 3 to create +3 Health Levels. -6 Traits, Need to be Costumed (Talk to staff)

Tags - Each tag can be purchased multiple times. A Tag increases the Category challenge to create the armor.

Subtle (+2 Category) Removes the costuming requirement of an armor.

Effortless(+1 Category) Reduces the Trait penalty by one.

Stylish (+1 Category) Armor also gives a bonus to Intimidation, Leadership or Subterfuge equal to the items Category (Max 4) (this counts as an item)

Hidden Pocket (+1 Category) Short of strip-searching a person you will never find a single pocket-sized item on their person. (Investigate challenge Diff 6)

Fire Resistant (+2 Category) Ignore Damage the first damage over time effect caused by Fire.

Electrical Resistance (+2 Category) Eats the first electricity-based attack used against it, even if the armor has already been broken.

Insulated (+2 Category) Eats the first cold-based attack used against it, even if the armor has already been broken.

Vacuum Sealed (+2 Category) Gain an extra retest (Defense) retest against any power that pulls your blood out of your body.

Repair: Repairing armor requires a craft check and action with difficulty two less than the original craft check. It requires an action, but a single action can be used to repair up to 5 broken armors.