Blood and You

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During your Bluebook actions, some things take blood to do. If you do a thing that takes blood to do, you come into game one blood down.

Herd gives you an amount of blood that you can spend during downtime (Bluebook) actions without it subtracting from your start-of-game blood.

You can also take the Hunt action which provides two points of blood to be used on between game actions.

Points of Blood from your Herd used during bluebooks are still used until the end of the game session.

____Things that take Blood____

  • Casting a ritual
  • Doing research into creating new Disciplines, Thaums, rituals, etc.
  • Learning a level of Discipline or other supernatural power.
  • Scourging
  • Live Fire for any Discipline and any Physical Skill

It's one Blood per action you take doing the things with the exception of Scourging, where one blood will cover all scourge actions you take.

( since these rules weren’t up we won’t enforce blood math during the first two sessions. )