Scourging and Searching

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Scourging and Search For Actions.

These actions are used to find a specific thing in an environment. The amount of actions needed to find any specific thing in an area is secret, ( and may be impossible if the thing does not exist). Actions taken over multiple months and as a team will stack.

The action ( Scourge: Unacknowledged Kindred) will pick up random passersby who aren’t hiding their presence as much as they should be, but it will probably not pick up the hidden True black hand sleeper cell or the Iconnu living in the Manager’s room of the local Macy’s. Take the same action 25 times and you may find yourself in a room with said Icconnu monitor though.

Finding something becomes more likely, with more specific targets and with more actions spent. Kindred who are hiding, are especially hard to find while Garou are usually easier to find.

These are rough guidelines.